3 Mid-Century Houses with Spectacular Entryways

A well-designed entrance is a vital element of a beautiful mid-century home, not least because this is the first place where the outdoors comes into contact with the inside of the house (an important preoccupation of the mid-century style in particular), but also because this is a visitor’s first impression of the space. Here we have selected three homes which perfectly capture the importance of a good entrance.

Firstly, there’s the Cast Study Apartment #1, with its wooden passageway snaking through the centre of the house. Secondly, we have the Max Bubeck Residence with its doorsteps in a ziggurat structure. And finally, there’s E. Stewart Williams’ Palm Springs residence with its striking orange doors.

Eichler house in San Mateo Highlands - Klopf architecture - living room

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Case-Study-Apartments entrance

The Case Study Program cropped up relatively recently on this website. In a discussion of its influence on a newly built home in Cupertino, California, designed by Wiliam Leddy which channelled the original Case Study House to maximise use of space to produce a more energy efficient home.

mid century house Max-Bubeck-Residence entrance

Designed in 1956 by Allyn Morris, the Max Bubeck Residence is a real sight to behold. With a structure that goes in all sorts of directions and a décor that is a riot of different colours, the Los Angeles-located house is nothing if not kooky.

Rancho Mirage E. Stewart Williams

The Kenaston House is a good instance of E. Stewart Williams approach. Whereas all the mid-century hallmarks are there, there is a rich warmth to the design. In this regard, perhaps the distinguishing feature is the prevalence of walnut panelled walls, finished, polished in light brown.

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