5 Mid Century Modern Dining Areas to Inspire You

The dining area is one of the most important part of our houses as it was in mid-century modern homes. You want to have enough space to move, a table big enough to host at lest four or six friends and comfortable -but fitting the table design- chairs.
Mid-century modern houses can inspire us to combine the table with the right chairs and surrounding furniture to have a cozy and practical dining area.
We selected 5 that can inspire you, with a bonus at the end!

The Kappe Residence designed by Raymond Kappe. Kitchen and dining area.

The Hillside Town House designed by the architect Carl L. Maston. Dining area.

The Gaffney house dining area.

The Case Study House #21 designed by the architect Pierre Koenig. Dining area.

A 1960s house dining area.
BONUS: The mid century modern enthusiast Tim Ross house beautiful dining area.

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