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Charlie Clemoes is editor-in-chief of European Echo and an editor at Failed Architecture. He writes and speaks about architecture, culture and social issues, and has various creative writing projects on the go. Originally from England, he currently lives in Amsterdam.

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5 Contemporary Houses With a Strong Modernist Inspiration

Despite its name, the mid-century modern style is not confined to a particular period. Its originators’ penchant for clean, elegant design, focused on quality materials and functionality is something that went way beyond the period that followed the Second World War. Indeed, homes built today continue to keep alive the basic principles popularised at this time.

Long Dune residence by Hammer Architects

Long Dune by Hammer Architects – Danish Simplicity

The elegant simplicity of Danish modern design is everywhere to see in the Long Dune Residence. Designed by Hammer Architects, and completed in 2014, the house is situated in Truro, MA, United States, although it wouldn’t look out of place nestled in amongst a Scandinavian fjord.

Le Corbusier’s - La Cité Radieuse

Le Corbusier’s Radiant City Was Way Ahead of its Time

Le Corbusier’s “La Cité Radieuse” or Radiant City is an undisputed masterpiece of modernist design. Designed way back in 1929, and built between 1947 and 1952, the block featured one of the first instances of the architect’s path-breaking Unité d’Habitation (housing unit), a modernist residential design principle he developed in collaboration with painter-architect Nadir Afonso.

Silicon House by Selgas Cano – Deceptive Urbanity

The Silicon House by architects Selgas Cano is deceptively urban. Both surrounded by and covered in trees and plant life, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a stylish country retreat. Yet aerial pictures reveal that the house resides in a (albeit quieter) neighbourhood in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Through several sleights of hand the architects have shown the potential for the home to be a space of complete privacy and calm, even in an avowedly urban setting.

Jørn Utzon Bright House - Subtle Danish Modern

Jørn Utzon’s “Bright House” – Subtle Danish Modern

Jørn Utzon’s “Bright House” is a paragon of Danish design. Located in sleepy Harpenden (Hertfordshire, England), and completed in 1963, the single-floor house was originally built for Utzon’s friend and fellow Dane, Povl Ahm (chairman of the renowned engineering firm Ahm).
By far the most well-known of Utzon’s projects is the Sydney Opera House (completed in 1957), but long before

David Chipperfield's Berry St. Residence

David Chipperfield’s Berry St. Residence: Miesian Modernism

The Berry Street Residence is a home constructed with simplicity in mind. Sitting on top of a medium-sized block of flats in the east of central London, with the three towers of the Barbican a stone’s throw away, the flat was designed by Stirling Prize-winning architect David Chipperfield.