Blodgett-Calvin Pool House

The Modernist Pool House We All Want

The Blodgett-Calvin Pool House is part of a dazzling complex of buildings in San Marino, Southern California.

The property sits a 1950s house designed by mid-century modern architect Calvin Straub.

Modernist house - Arquitecturia Camps Felip WI02 - pool

Contemporary WI02 House Is A Feast For The Eyes

The WI02 house in Caldes de Malavella, Spain, makes quite an immediate impression.

This contemporary house is like a grand porch, where “three courtyards modulate the atmospheric conditions and the privacy between the inside and the outside”.

Robert Blaich: Confessions Of An Industrial Designer

Last week, we shared the first part of the interview with former Vice President of Design and Development at Herman Miller, Robert Blaich.

In the second part of our interview, Mr. Blaich tells us about the industrial design world, and its rules.

Robert Blaich - Charles ans Ray Eames - George Nelson - Herman Miller team

Interview With Robert Blaich: The Herman Miller Golden Age

In addition to many other prestigious roles during his career, Robert Blaich also covered the role of Vice President of Design and Development at Herman Miller for over 20 years.

He certainly understands more than most of us about the beating heart of the furniture businesses.

Saarinen TWA Flight Center

Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center

Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center A landmark airport terminal is not the first place that people are likely to look when looking for mid-century design. The style being mostly associated with furniture for the home. But to really get a flavour of where the the mid-century sits in the broader history of modernist design there are a fair few things to learn from the TWA Flight Center at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

frank lloyd wright - SC Johnson- campus and tower

Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson Wax Complex and Research Tower

A decade after finishing the SC Johnson Administration building in Racine, Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright started the construction of the Research and Development Tower.
The 1950s building for SC Johnson was the home to many of the company’s most well-known inventions and was in need of lab facilities for their rising research and development department.


A Modern Home in Sao Paulo Features Straight Lines and Mid-century Furniture

Architects designing modern homes are usually forced to optimize space and to use the most of every available square meter. The V4 Home, however, goes in the opposite direction.
The architects, Studio mk27 – Marcio Kogan + Renata Furlanetto, could build a much larger house but they preferred, instead, to maintain the scale between construction and site.

mies van der rohe architecture - lafayette park

The Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Architecture Legacy in Detroit: Lafayette Park

After more than fifty years the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Lafayette Park built in Detroit, still is at its best. Michigan’s largest city was once known as the “Paris of the West.” In its prime, Detroit lived up to its European-influenced nickname by having sophisticated urban design and architecture. Today, in the shadows of empty high-rises is an overlooked, inspiring example of urban renewal.

modern home in sydeny - woollahra-house - tzannes architects

A Modern Home in Sydney Solves a Privacy Issue in a Beautiful Way

This modern home in Sydney, by Australia-based architectural firm Tzannes Associates, poses itself to get the most out of northern light. The goal of the Woollahra, as the design is uniquely titled, is to benefit as much as possible from limited space typically found in urban environments. Creating a relaxing, modern yet landscape-rich environment with interconnected rooms both indoors and outdoors is the firm’s intent.

mies van der rohe - crown - illinois institute of technology campus - chicago

The Mies van der Rohe Crown Hall in Chicago

Forced to leave his native country due to mounting political pressure, and the dwindling prospect of future commissions, Mies emigrated to the United States in 1937, where he was subsequently appointed head of the department of architecture at Chicago’s Armour Institute of Technology and for which he was later called to design a new master plan after Armour Institute and Lewis Institute merged in Chicago to create the Illinois Institute of Technology.


A Modern House in Mexico by TAL Architects: Casa GO

At Mid-Century Home we not only like Mid-century Modern houses designed and built in the nineteenth century, but also modern houses designed today with a Modernist inspiration.
The GO is a modern house with a Modernist vibe designed by TAL architects in 2014, is located on the west of the city of Monterrey, Mexico, on the highest part of a new residential subdivision. The owners of the GO requested a modern house design that made the best of the site’s conditions, primarily its dominant winds and spectacular views, while staying within a limited budget.

richard neutra - Eagle-Rock-Park-Clubhouse - international style

Richard Neutra’s Eagle Rock Park Clubhouse: International Style

Richard Neutra was born in Austria in 1892 and died in Germany in1970; he is most famous as an American Modernist architect and for his contribution to further develop the so called International Style. He emigrated to America in 1923 and became a naturalized citizen in 1926. All his designs are extremely geometric but open. Richard Neutra became one of the world’s most distinguished and sought-after architects.

frank-lloyd-wright---zimmerman-house - exterior

A Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian Home, the Zimmerman House

The Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House, completed in 1952, is what the architect described as a Usonian Homes.
The term describes his vision for the American landscape, incorporating both architecture and city planning. He built about 60 Usonian Homes in all, and they were intended for middle-income families with modest requirements.


The Winged House by K2LD Architects

Singapore’s light and airy Winged House, designed by K2LD Architects, makes the most of its unusual – and potentially challenging – triangular plot with its innovative and visually arresting shape.
The site is framed by this private family residence’s magnificent wings, or trapeziums, which take their inspiration from traditional Malay architecture, where houses are designed to adapt to the tropical climate,


For This Eichler In Granada Hills, Time Stands Still

Randy and his family bought this Eichler in Granada Hills, CA, in 1979 and immediately knew this was the one. “The moment we opened the front door and looked right through the atrium to the garden beyond the enormous floor-to-ceiling windows, we knew this house was a serious contender.”


Decorative Concrete Blocks In Mid-Century Modern Homes

Jason Davidson is a Landscape Architect in Melbourne, Australia, with a passion for Mid-century Modern that started when he and his wife bought their home in Beaumaris, Victoria, that happened to be from 1956.

In the last few years Jason has specialised in landscaping for Mid-century houses, with the help of his blog AustralianModernistLandscapes, that has helped put him in touch with potential clients.

modernist house - chile - casa viejo - mathias klotz - exterior

Modernist House in Chile by Architect Mathias Klotz

Built in Santiago, Chile, on a site where a 1950s house was, the Viejo House designed by architect Mathias Klotz, has a built area of 700 square meters.
This family house is built entirely out of reinforced concrete and steel beams with a Modernist vibe.


Richard Neutra’s Mariners Medical Arts Center

Richard Neutra was born in Vienna in 1892 and studied architecture at the Technical Univesity of Vienna. He was a known for designing complex interior spaces and rejecting architectural ornaments.
After his military service in WWl, Richard Neutra found employment at the Switzerland architect bureau of Gustav A. Amman , a German expressionist architect who’s work is characterized by streamline interpretation of industrial structures.

casa TLALOC - TAL architects

A Three House Effect for TAL Architects’ Casa Tláloc

The Madero Franco house, also known as Casa Tláloc which almost always is associated with mountaintop shrines and life-giving rain in Aztec culture, is most appropriately named for it is situated high upon a sloping mountain plot just south of Monterrey city.
The house is not immediately visible through the dense wooded area but upon climbing the stairs that leads to the main entrance, v

mies van der rohe - chicago federal center

The Chicago Federal Center by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

We walk through a city just like we walk through nature but we are surrounded by an environment that has been molded to accommodate us. We navigate through streets like in a canyon of artificial stone and look up, feeling dwarfed by the walls being built around us. It’s surprising how little we notice. We live our lives surrounded by a manufactured world, take little interest in how it looks, how it feels.

chateau-la-coste art center - tadao ando

Modernist Building and Open-Air Museum: The Chateau La Coste

Located 15 Km north of Aix-en-Provence, the Chateau La Coste, Art Center designed by architect Tadao Ando, is part of a project to convert an existing winery into an outdoor open-air museum including pavilions and sculptures.
Artists from all over the world were invited to explore and contribute to enrich the landscape with their works. They had given the freedom to chose the part of the area that most connected to them and were create something to place permanently there.


Eichler Renovation in Palo Alto by Bellomo Architects

The Joseph Bellomo Architects Inc, is an architectural design bureau that offers design solutions to projects such as mixed use, residential, modular housing, commercial and urban planning which received the 2010 American Institute of Architecture Santa Clara Valley Merrit Award for the restoration work on the Alester Addition in Palo Alto, California.

mies van der rohe berlin national gallery

Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie by Mies van der Rohe

Like many of his contemporaries, such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe was looking for a new architectural style that could represent modern times just as the Renaissance or Gothic style did for their own eras. He created an influential twentieth-century architectural style with realistic clarity and simplicity.

6 Arne Jacobsen Design Masterpieces

Arne Jacobsen studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen where he acquired a combination of practical and artistic training.
This unique combination enabled Jacobsen to design buildings, interiors and many different types of designs that beautifully balanced form and function.
From 1945 onwards, Jacobsen also designed furniture for mass-production. The Ant (1951) and the Series 7 chairs (1955) were…

k2ld architects - house at nim crescent

K2LD Architects. A Dream Within A Dream

Completed in Singapore 2002, the Nim Crescent house was designed by the K2LD Architects and displays an open garden to create a clear separation of functions without the conventional use of spacial dividers. The interlocking volumes creates separate activity areas while the outside and inside blur together in unison. The crisp, clean and contemporary lines give the viewer a seamless interplay of living spaces with a matching landscape to create a large open ground plane with no apparent clarity to spatial segregation.

mies van der rohe - barcelona pavilion

The Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe

The Barcelona Pavilion was designed in 1928 by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and completed in 1929 in Barcelona Spain. The building instantly became a masterpiece in van der Rohe’s career, a symbol for the twentieth century Modernism movement and an inspiration for generations of future architects, all over the globe.

Poul Kjaerholm - PK22

These 5 Poul Kjaerholm’s Chairs Are All About Comfort

The celebrated Danish architect and furniture designer Poul Kjaerholm’s elegant and rational furniture designs, such as the PK22 chair (1956) and the Hammock PK24 chaise Iongue (1965), were conceived within the Modernist idiom, they managed to avoid the alienating hard-edged aesthetic so common to the work of the Modern Movement.

Poul Kjaerholm

Poul Kjaerholm

[tie_slideshow] [tie_slide] The PK 24 Lounge Chair, manufactured by Fritz Hansen in Denmark, 1965. Made of…

Joseph Eichler, The Man Committed to Modernity

Perhaps one of the best examples of a self made man in real-estate development and mid-century modernism is Joseph Eichler. He had a dream, a clear vision and made this dream a reality by going against all odds in creating entire communities around the Bay area and Los Angeles of affordable, sleek architectural designed homes for the middle class Americans

John Lautner’s Goldstein Residence. Los Angeles

John Lautner’s Sheats Goldtstein Residence, is one of the most remarkable Modernist buildings ever designed and sits in Los Angeles, California.
This house is closely related to John Lautner’s career, and it wasn’t a project like any other as it is in construction since 1963. Still today its owner keeps on adding parts, maintaining Lautner’s legacy alive.

The Charles and Ray Eames DAR Chair

The Charles and Ray Eames Dining Armchair Rod, or Eames DAR for short, was a revolutionary piece of design that changed ideas about furniture during the post World War-II era and beyond. The design came from the brilliant mind of Charles Eames when entering the DAR design in 1948 for a competition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art for low-cost furniture design. This wonderful design won second prize.

Eichler Neighbourhoods. Total Community Design.

Continues from Eichler Homes and The Sense of Community.

Some of the successes of the Eichler communities can be ascribed to site planning. Neighbors come together and develop new methods and ideas to keep the community in Unisom. They come up with rather untraditional and unconventional but effective ways of building a stronger community. Ideas such as organizing annual community workdays, annual car shows and organizing Orchestra nights taking on Mozart, Haydn and Elgar.

Eichler home remodel - Double Gable - klopf architecture

Eichler Home Remodel: Double Gable

We’ve already hosted one stunning Eichler Home remodel by Klopf Architecture. The architects design style is deeply influenced by Mid-century Californian architects and projects like the Case Study House Program.
It’s almost superfluous to say that the people at Klopf are deeply influenced by Mid-century Californian architects and projects like the Case Study House Program

Charles and Ray Eames, La Chaise Chair’s Curvy Elegance

In 1948 Charles Eames participated in the International ‘Low-Cost Furniture’ competition organized by the Museum of Modern Arts with the design of La Chaise chair which was inspired by the sculpture ‘Floating figure’ created by the French artist Gaston Lachaise.
The organic design is voluptuous with soft curves giving pleasure to the senses. It is large but in all the right places.

Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen was Born in Finland in 1910 and moved with his family to America…

Modernist Inspired Desert House in California

One of the reasons why Modernist architecture is still contemporary after over 60 years is its legacy. Today’s architects find inspiration in the Modernist principles of connecting with nature while respecting it. Open plans and glass walls are key elements of their projects and today another element is included: sustainability.
Modern houses need to be sustainable and responsible, both in terms of materials used and energy consumption.

eichler home remodeled klopf architecture

A Remodeled Eichler in Palo Alto by Klopf Architecture

In 2014, Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects and Flegels Construction completed their remodeling of a classic open, indoor-outdoor Eichler home, which can be found in Palo Alto, CA, epitomizes Joseph Eichler’s staunch commitment to a typically Californian style of mid-century domestic architecture even more so after its recent improvements.


Eero Saarinen: The Tulip Chair

Taking the beautiful and natural form of a tulip, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chair had more complex issues to deal with on its path into mass production. It was not simply a fact of producing this beautiful shape and colour to imitate nature, but also considering bigger design issues in its construction.