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4 midcentury modern lamps

4 Lamps For The Midcentury Aenthusiasts

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any well-designed room. Using a light at the right height, intensity and tone can make a huge difference in the way a space looks and feels.

Santa Monica Modernist House - pool

A Modernist Desert House in Santa Monica

This one of a kind Modernist home design rests atop a plateau of Santa Monica’s Topanga Canyon, California.

Completed in 2017 by Sant Architects, this Saddle Peak House is uprisen on a ridge, overlooking a stunning view of the Santa Monica Mountains

Oiva teapot and mug marimekko tableware

Have a Break Like a Scandinavian

We love a good tea or coffee break and here we present a selection of tableware and books that will help you re-create the Scandi Hygge feeling.

Mid-century modern book cover

5 Books For Eichler Homes Fans

Joseph Eichler’s contribution to the Modernism movement is undeniable. Eichler-designed houses are incredibly popular today amongst the Mid-Century Home community.

Architect Snow Kreilich Sk Lake Minnetonka

Snow Kreilich Architects

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Snow Kreilich Architects is a nationally recognized and award winning architectural studio based practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The studio was formerly Julie Snow Architects, founded in 1995 by Julie Snow.

Schneibman House restoration - architect cory buckner

Cory Buckner

Location: Los Angeles, California

Cory Buckner is a practicing architect in the Los Angeles area. She has a degree in Fine Arts from Chouinard Art Institute and an M.Arch from UCLA. She has also studied landscape architecture at UCLA.

mid-century house in oxford - koch architects - living room

Mid-Century House Renovation in Oxford, CA, is Full of Motifs

Located in Oxford, California, this mid-century home was renovated and extended by Koch architects.

The first element that caught our attention was the recurrence of thin wood panels throughout the house. Positioned vertically and stained in a light brown polish, they provide a solid backdrop to a really nice interior.

Nest Architects - Holden Street Residence

Nest Architects

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Nest Architects is an architectural design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. The studio is committed to creating architecture, interiors, furniture and design projects that start from ‘first principles’ and end at a place where both the client and architect can be proud.

Klopf - Open Eichler House - Palo Alto, CA - front

Klopf Architecture

Location: San Francisco, California

At Klopf Architecture we immerse ourselves in modern design ranging from more minimal / gallery-style projects to warmer, more mid-century modern style projects and any shade of modernism in between.

San Francisco renovation - exterior front

Mid-Century Renovation in San Francisco

This home’s modest façade conceals a breath taking mid-century interior. Indeed, on the face of it, the unassuming pale green exterior, featuring translucent windows and fairly traditional detailing, isn’t the first place you’d look for a mid-century gem.