Who are the people whom so carefully restored and decorated that mid-century house? Who’s the architect that designed the contemporary Modernist retreat that amazed us and what inspires him/her during the design process?

These are only few of the questions we ask ourselves when interviewing the house owners, architects and various professionals you will find in this section of Mid-Century Home.

We scratch the surface a little bit to bring you a different perspective on houses, buildings and people we find interesting and love.

a. quincy jones - Schneidman House

Architect Cory Buckner, A Life For Mid-Century Architecture

When few weeks ago we read about a new book written by architect Cory Buckner, Crestwood Hills: The Chronicle of a Modern Utopia., we remembered that she also wrote one of our favourite books about a great Modernist architect: A. Quincy Jones.
Checking her site we also discovered that she was behind many restoration of Mid-century houses