Modernist House in Santiago Is a Delight to Behold

Situated in the hills of Colina, in northern Santiago, Chile, this contemporary style home offers us a masterclass in pure form. Dubbed Casa Kübler, it was completed in 2008 by 57Studio, a firm comprising architects and interior designers based in Santiago.

One of the central features of the house is the continuity between the interior, exterior and the landscape beyond, not uncommon in contemporary home design, but in this instance, it has been achieved in several interesting ways.

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contemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studiocontemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio

One of the more pleasing effects of this is to ensure that the Andes mountain range is ever present. Indeed, the views of the mountains from the house allow for truly breath-taking views of this curiously textured skyline.

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contemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - frontcontemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - entrancecontemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - patio

The landscaping around the house has been finely tuned to maximise the impact of the home’s spectacular forms. Notwithstanding the water mirror that was previously mentioned, the hardscaping is particularly effective in this regard.

The steps from the garden to the house have been constructed at a gradual incline. Neatly-arranged, white rectangular stepping stones in the central patio mimic the pure rectangular forms prevailing in the overall structure. And as with the house itself, there’s not a wall in sight.

But the choice of plants is also commendable. None of the plants interrupt the roof, yet they still add a nice amount of texture to what could lapse into a somewhat monotonous façade.

As modern contemporary homes go, this one’s a real delight to behold.

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contemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - terracecontemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - outsidecontemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - terrace
contemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - livingcontemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - livingcontemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - corridorcontemporary modernist house - santiago - 57studio - back

Photos via 57studio architects

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