Eichler House renovation by Klopf Architecture

This classic Eichler house looks like it was built last year. Renovated by Klopf Architecture, in partnership with Growsgreen Landscape Design, Flegel’s Construction, and the owners themselves, the space is filled with contemporary fixtures and fittings while demonstrating the same ethos of the original mid-century period.

Renewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture exteriorRenewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture exterior

This is perhaps best manifested in the strong primary colours featured throughout the interior design. This is best illustrated in the high chairs that sit underneath the central worktop in the kitchen. Also in the kitchen, while the cupboard doors in this room are polished in rich brown, there are also colourful panels on the inner parts.

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Taken with the cabinetry’s white base, the cupboard space is distinctly reminiscent of the non-representational approach of the Dutch De Stijl movement, with chunky geometric patches of colour divided by lines of black and white.

Eichler home renovation by Klopf ArchitectureRenewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture - living room

The theme of chunky blocks of colour divided up by more muted tones is also present in the living area, with a sofa upholstered in deep red fabric, and an Eames chair with seat in a solid green moulded plastic.

Again, echoing the works of De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian, the colours are framed by solid lines of black, in this case the home’s structural beams, and by the concrete slab flooring in the garden areas, which are themselves broken up by thin lines of grass.

Besides the cabinetry and the seating in the living area, there is an excellent—if quite understated—furniture collection throughout the house. In terms of subtlety, the best example comes from the Scandinavian Modern cabinets that crop up throughout, besides the sofa in the living room, in the master bedroom and in the study.

Renewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture - living roomRenewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture - living room

With these subtle touches, it’s clear to see that Klopf Architecture have pulled off another excellent renovation of an original Eichler, preserving the essential ideas behind mid-century design while introducing the many advantages of contemporary design.

Eichler house in San Mateo Highlands - Klopf architecture - living room

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Renewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture - kitchenRenewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture - patioRenewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture - entranceRenewed Classic Eichler by Klopf Architecture - front

Photos via Klopf Architecture

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