This John Barthel-designed house is all about extremes

Stumbling upon this house designed by John Barthel was incredibly refreshing, not least because of the bright blocks of all the primary and secondary colours that abound throughout the space.

This is most apparent in the central living area, with chairs in a range of colours: a couple in blue at the back, four in green in the centre, a yellow sofa and a solitary orange lounge chair in the middle. Next to this is a matching orange side table, which also matches dashes of colour in the several bright paintings decorating the wall of the room.

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John Barthel mid-century residence living
Almost seeming to be the source of this cacophony of colour is the peculiar design on the cupboard unit in the centre of the house, a composition brimming with swirling blues, yellows, reds and everything in between.

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The intensity is somewhat lessened in the rest of the house, but the maximalist approach is channelled into a plethora of trinkets, sculptures and other art pieces.

John Barthel mid-century residence living

John Barthel mid-century residence living
While it hardly needs anything more to make it a truly individual design, the colours and the artwork are arguably not even the most striking feature of this house, an honour which goes to the remarkable roof line. But we’ll leave that for another time.

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John Barthel mid-century residence living room detail

John Barthel mid-century residence dining area

John Barthel mid-century residence kitchen

Photos via Midcentury Modern Dallas Homes

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