Richard Neutra’s Pescher House. Wuppertal, Germany.



One of the famous and celebrated architects of the 20th Century is Richard Neutra, known for his design contributions in mid-century modern Californian architecture. The Austrian-native architect had been designing beautiful modernist dwellings and buildings for over than 20 years. According to Time magazine’s August 15th 1949 issue, Neutra’s designs had “broad, glassy brows” and “spaciousness and compactness combined.”

Richard Neutra (1892–1970) was a prophet of clean, crisp modernism, and his houses, most of which were built in California, have inspired countless architects and emboldened preservationists in an area of the country notoriously quick to raze landmarks. He contributed to many architectural designs in other countries during his career but a legendary design is this lean stone-and-glass house known as Neutra’s Pescher house in Wuppertal, Germany: built five years before his death.

This incredible residence is all about elegant intersections

This incredible residence is all about elegant intersections, its glass-walled living areas are reminiscent of a minimalist style of living, its reinforced-concrete walls trimmed with aluminum and framing views is considered one of Richard Neutra’s finest achievements.

The textures and surfaces used creates visual planes of in and out of the architecture. Of all the collective work of Richard Neutra, his work in Europe was less studied and less famous than the ones in the United States. Still the craftsmanship and vision of modernism is undeniably present.

The aesthetic of modernist architectural design that so many of us have come to love, is ever present in this particular house however the style that he developed in Los Angeles California was typical of what we have here, with the long clean lines and sheet glass from floor to ceiling.

The Neutra Pescher house is considered by most as minimal without being overwhelmingly clinical yet full of character judging by the clever use of material and functionality, color and elegance without creating the inevitable chaos that this can bring, and most importantly it is inviting and tailor made to each owner which is a trademark for Richard Neutra.

During 1960 and 1970, Richard Neutra and his son Dion formed a partnership and constructed eight villas in Europe of which four were in Switzerland, three in Germany and one in France. Together they created an American way of living in Europe.
The landscape typical for California was brought to life in Europe thanks to Neutra’ Pescher house. The interpretation of the living atmosphere in a contemporary manner still raises debate nowadays over the modern domestic architecture of the Sixties.

Photos via Iwan Baan.


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