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Eichler homes rebuilt the American dream

Eichler Renovation in Palo Alto by Bellomo Architects


The Joseph Bellomo Architects Inc, is an architectural design bureau that offers design solutions to projects such as mixed use, residential, modular housing, commercial and urban planning which received the …

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2 Men, 1 Dream: Joseph Eichler and Frank Lloyd Wright

wright - eichler portrait

A house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright had the innate capability to transform people. The structure, the light, the audible and sensible qualities and the different use of material.  It …

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Anshen and Allen, The Duo That Put Joseph Eichler On The Map

Anshen and Allen - Eichler home - Orange County

While studying at the University of Pennsylvania, both Bob Anshen and Steve Allen received a travelling fellowship to study in San Francisco after graduating. This is how their relationship began …

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Karolina Is In Love with Her Eichler Home

karolina Buchner eichler house

Eichler Homes are special, as their owners. Karolina is one of them and today will show us the one she fell in love with and is carefully renovating with her …

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Joseph Eichler, The Man Committed to Modernity

Perhaps one of the best examples of a self made man in real-estate development and mid-century modernism is Joseph Eichler. He had a dream, a clear vision and  made this …

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The Eichler Homes Remodelling Experts

klopf architecture - MCM room remodel

  We have covered the work of Klopf Architecture already in few articles. Today is John Klopf to tell us about Eichler homes and their remodeling. Our design style is rooted …

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Eichler Neighbourhoods. Total Community Design.

  Continues from Eichler Homes and The Sense of Community. Some of the successes of the Eichler communities can be ascribed to site planning. Neighbors come together and develop new …

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Klopf Architecture. Double Gable Eichler Home Remodel

                    We’ve already hosted one stunning Eichler Home remodel by Klopf Architecture. The architects design style is rooted in the culture, aesthetic, and climate …

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Eichler Homes And The Sense of Community

…Continues from The Tradition of Eichler Neighbourhoods The first Eichler homes were designed by well-known California architect team of Anshen & Allen and in later years other architects were hired …

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The Tradition of Eichler Neighbourhoods

Continues from The Joseph Eichler Dream, Living Together in Nature. Eichler began building what today are called the Eichler neighbourhoods within a small community in Sunnyvale California. Originally priced for under ten …

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A Remodeled Eichler in Palo Alto by Klopf Architecture

In 2014, Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects and Flegels Construction completed their remodeling of a classic open, indoor-outdoor Eichler home, which can be found in Palo Alto, CA, epitomizes Joseph …

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The Joseph Eichler Dream, Living Together in Nature

Many people may have heard the name before. For a few the concept of Eichler is relatively new. In the Real Estate business, especially in California, Eichler houses are a …

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The First New Eichler in 40 Years

If you have read the interview to our friend and Eichlers expert Monique Lombardelli, you will remember that she was working on building new Eichlers based on original plans. Well, she made …

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Eichler Houses, Between Art and Marketing

 …continues from Eichler Homes: From Niche to Mainstream  Eichler hired Ernie Braun to photograph the house. The photos impressed Belluschi so much that he remarked to Eichler that they showed off the house even …

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Monique Lombardelli: a Life for Eichlers

Monique Lombardelli is a MidCenturyHome reader and fan of our Facebook Page. When she approached us to tell about her projects and documentaries on Eichler houses, we couldn’t resist; we asked her for …

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A Mid-Century Modern Love Story in Portland

portland mid century modern house carport

Jennifer and Mattias are the owners of this house. They decided to settle their family in Portland after many years of traveling. Matias is a Swedish designer and photographer that …

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Eichler Homes: From Niche to Mainstream

(above A. Quincy Jones & Frederick Emmons – photo by Darren Bradley) …continues from Eichler Homes, Promoting Modernism. Starting in 1953, the American real estate market began to change. The rise of …

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Eichler Homes, Promoting Modernism.

(Above, Eichler Homes Terra Linda promotional postcard – via Heather David on FLickr) …continues from Eichler Homes and birth of the Modernist dream. It’s almost certain that Joe Eichler would not have had as much success …

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Eichler Homes And The Birth of Modernist Dream

Generally speaking, Americans living in the early 1940s rarely accepted modern architecture as the standard for private housing. Californians however, were the exception – owing to a subculture of reformers and philanthropists that chose a …

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