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Modernist house - Arquitecturia Camps Felip WI02 - pool

Contemporary WI02 House Is A Feast For The Eyes

The WI02 house in Caldes de Malavella, Spain, makes quite an immediate impression.

This contemporary house is like a grand porch, where “three courtyards modulate the atmospheric conditions and the privacy between the inside and the outside”.

mid-century modern inspired house in Mexico

Solitary Modernism in Mexico

The Casa en el Valle is a modern house highly influenced by the Californian mid-century style: it’s a real thing of beauty.

Resting in solitude in the Valley of Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

modernist house - costa rica - Cañas Arquitectos - exterior

Modernist House in San Jose, Bows Down To Its Surroundings

The Estancia y Ficus modernist house in Costa Rica designed by Cañas Arquitectos, subordinates everything to its surroundings. A small retreat amongst the numerous flora, shrubs, trees and vines (the Ficus of the name), it overlooks the country’s capital city of San Jose below.

Kate's House : Bower Architecture_660x330

3 Modern Houses With a Strong Modernist Footprint

Over the years many have cast doubt on the merits of modernist architecture. Yet its success is all but confirmed in newly built homes, which frequently feature some of the key elements pioneered by such luminaries as Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Richard Neutra, just to name few.

Mid Century house in Knoxville - exterior

Mid-century Home by Bruce McCarty is pure strength

Strength is the first word that comes to mind when looking at this mid-century home in Knoxville, Tennessee. Built by Bruce McCarty in 1959, it is no surprises that it remained with its first owner for over 50 years. After all, why would you want to part with such a place?


Movement and Elegance Combine in Romano’s Casa Do Patio

For his design for the Caso Do Patio, architect Leo Romano has balanced features carefully throughout the house to create a wonderful sense of movement and play. Located in Goiania, Brazil, and finished in November 2013, it follows a mid-century design updated with numerous classy modern touches.


A Shiny Prefab House in Joshua Tree National Park

The beauty of the Blue Sky prototype house resides as much in its location as the house itself. Situated in the Joshua Tree National Park in south eastern California, with piñon and juniper trees surrounding the structure and a seasonal stream running underneath, it is quite a spectacular environment in which to build a home.

Saarinen and Living Room

A Mid-Century Inspired Renovation in San Diego

Daniel’s passion for mid-century modern houses began the same way it has for many others: gazing transfixed at a photo of the Eames lounge chair. The early encounter has led to Luczak residing in a period mid-century home designed by the architect Bruce Daumann.

Naked House - Marc Gerritsen exterior facade

A Refreshing Retreat From Taipei by Architect Marc Gerritsen

The Naked House is quite an apt name for a house so completely open to the outdoors. That said, it’s not a name you would find a period modernist house being called.

Truly, this is a distinctly contemporary take on the modernist aesthetic. Located in Ko Samui, Thailand, it was designed by architect Marc Gerritsen as his own personal residence.

New Haven Cottage living room garden view daylight

Gray Organaschi bring Cosiness to a New Haven Cottage

This newly rebuilt cottage is quite the cosy concern. Located in New Haven Connecticut and serving as guest house on the property of retired couple Suzanne and Brooks Kelley, it was the second such building to stand on the site.
As the story goes, after drafting in Lisa Gray and Alan Organschi of the architecture firm Gray Organschi,

The Goodsill Residence Darren Bradley Hawaii modernism patio daylight

Ossipoff’s Hawaiian Modernism Shines in the Goodsill House

The Goodsill House is a lovely example of Hawaii’s particular take on mid-century modern architecture. Located in Honolulu, it was built in 1953 by the great champion of Hawaiian Modernism, Vladimir Ossipoff.
The story of the architect is an interesting one. Ossipoff was born in 1907 in Vladivostok, Russia, but due to the upheavals in Russia at the time, his father moved the family to Japan, where the younger Ossipoff spent his youth.

The Ken McLeod Residence

The Ken McLeod Residence In Claremont, California.

There are several quite striking features to Ken McLeod’s residence that mark it out as an architect’s personal home.

Built in 1954 and situated in Claremont, California, the property is currently being considered as a cultural and historical landmark by the County of Los Angeles.

Rentsch House by Richard Neutra

Rentsch House by Richard Neutra: Swiss Monumentality

The Rentsch House cuts quite a modest shape from the entrance-side. A set of gradual steps quietly curve towards the door, nothing too flashy.
Designed by hugely influential modernist architect Richard Neutra, and on the outskirts of Wengen, the approach is deceptive. This is a deeply monumental and impressive house which really makes the most of its impressive view of the Eiger-Monch-Jungfrau mountain massif.

House in trees - Tim Cuppett Architects

The Modernist Inspired House in Trees by Cuppett Architects

Few houses are more appropriately named than the House in Trees Residence. Built by Cuppett Architects, and situated in Austin, Texas, it is a structure that is effortlessly ensconced in its forest environment.
While the surroundings take clear pride of place, something that stands out from the exterior of the structure is the prevalence of clean geometric lines.

modern homes - v4 house studio mk27

5 Contemporary Houses With a Strong Modernist Inspiration

Despite its name, the mid-century modern style is not confined to a particular period. Its originators’ penchant for clean, elegant design, focused on quality materials and functionality is something that went way beyond the period that followed the Second World War. Indeed, homes built today continue to keep alive the basic principles popularised at this time.

Long Dune residence by Hammer Architects

Long Dune by Hammer Architects – Danish Simplicity

The elegant simplicity of Danish modern design is everywhere to see in the Long Dune Residence.

Designed by Hammer Architects, the house is situated in the United States but it wouldn’t look out of place nestled in amongst a Scandinavian fjord.

Silicon House by Selgas Cano – Deceptive Urbanity

The Silicon House by architects Selgas Cano is deceptively urban. Both surrounded by and covered in trees and plant life, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a stylish country retreat. Yet aerial pictures reveal that the house resides in a (albeit quieter) neighbourhood in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Through several sleights of hand the architects have shown the potential for the home to be a space of complete privacy and calm, even in an avowedly urban setting.

Jørn Utzon Bright House - Subtle Danish Modern

Jørn Utzon’s “Bright House” – Subtle Danish Modern

Jørn Utzon’s “Bright House” is a paragon of Danish design. Located in sleepy Harpenden (Hertfordshire, England), and completed in 1963, the single-floor house was originally built for Utzon’s friend and fellow Dane, Povl Ahm (chairman of the renowned engineering firm Ahm).
By far the most well-known of Utzon’s projects is the Sydney Opera House (completed in 1957), but long before

David Chipperfield's Berry St. Residence

David Chipperfield’s Berry St. Residence: Miesian Modernism

The Berry Street Residence is a home constructed with simplicity in mind. Sitting on top of a medium-sized block of flats in the east of central London, with the three towers of the Barbican a stone’s throw away, the flat was designed by Stirling Prize-winning architect David Chipperfield.

Sarah Waller's Glass House

Militantly Minimal Modernism: Sarah Waller’s Doonan Glass House

Sarah Waller’s Doonan Glass House is a militantly minimal take on the modernist design repertoire. Completed in 2015, and situated in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia, the house takes substantial inspiration from similar glass-abundant houses such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and Philip Johnson’s own Glass House.

Tzannes Architects Killcare Residence

Tzannes Architects’ Killcare Residence – Hillside Elegance

The Killcare Residence in New South Wales, Australia (also known as the Kronenberg House) sits upon a steeply sloping coastal block of land overlooking the South Pacific. Built by Tzannes Associates, it is not only a technically impressive build but also a remarkably elegant piece of design.

Concrete House Architect: Fringe Architects

Mid-century Meets the Concrete Block: Fringe Architects

Fringe Architects’ “Concrete House” sets out to capture the spirit of architect Iwan Iwanoff, (1919-1986) an architect who carried out most of his work in Perth, Australia. Also situated in Perth, the Concrete House was completed in 2015.
Iwan Iwanoff moved to Perth in 1950 from his native Bulgaria. He brought with him a fascination for concrete blocks that would place him firmly, yet unfairly, in the brutalist bracket.

Modern Beach House by Herbst Architects

Herbst Architects: A Beach-Side Retreat in Red and Brown

Bethells Beach, or Te Henga, to give it its proper Māori name (translated as sand), is a coastal community situated approximately 30 kilometres west of Auckland City, at the mouth of the Waitakere River as it flows into the Tasman Sea. It is one of several popular resorts in the area where holidaymakers go to enjoy fishing, hiking, sunbathing and a wide range of water sports.

Mohle House by Baldridge Architects

Baldridge Architects: Mid-Century Amid Historical Austin

It is sometimes difficult to have a modernist house really integrate with its surroundings.

This is especially so if the house is set in an area listed in the National Register of Historic Places, as is the case with the Mohle Drive Residence, situated in Central Austin.

Glass house - olnick-spanu-house

The Olnick Spanu House: A Tribute to Modernism

The Olnick Spanu House resides in an environment of conspicuous calm. Completed in 2008 by the architect Alberto Cambo Baeza, its principal view offers a panoramic scene of the Hudson River snaking its way through the New York countryside. Yet when viewed from the lake that it overlooks, the house is barely perceptible amongst the trees. It is a brief anomaly on a hill covered in forest, a delicate beauty spot.

Felipe_Hess - apartamento jardinss

Felipe Hess Combines Modern and Modernism

This apartment located in the Jardins neighbourhood, São Paulo, is characterised by a very clean and well distributed plant. With a total area of 190m², the project was designed by the architect Felipe Hess.


The Paul Hayden Kirk House in Bellevue

This house in Bellevue WA, was designed by architect Paul Hayden Kirk in 1955.

Today, Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle, is one of the most well-known places to find one of Kirk’s mid-century home designs


A Waterfront Modernist Retreat on the San Juan Islands

The Pole Pass retreat is much more than a lake house, and much more than what meets the eye.

Densely wooded land crawling along the coasts of the island hug the property and help it to serve as the perfect intimate retreat for a family gathering or group of friends. The location takes great advantage of the majestic, mild Pacific Northwest summers on the San Juan Islands – a group of islands that sit between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia with the Hard Strait on one side and Rosario Strait on the other.


Modernism Re-Mixed by Architect Roberto Benito

Architect Roberto Benito’s is one the most relevant architects of the 2000s in Argentina where this project also sits, in the architect hometown San Francisco—a town with a population of a little under 60,000 in the eastern Cordoba Province far away from the hustle and bustle of cities like Buenos Aires. Built in 2012, this house is approximately 295 square-meters and is known for its eye-drawing appeal to the passerby


A Modern Home in Sao Paulo Features Straight Lines and Mid-century Furniture

Architects designing modern homes are usually forced to optimize space and to use the most of every available square meter. The V4 Home, however, goes in the opposite direction.
The architects, Studio mk27 – Marcio Kogan + Renata Furlanetto, could build a much larger house but they preferred, instead, to maintain the scale between construction and site.

modern home in sydeny - woollahra-house - tzannes architects

A Modern Home in Sydney Solves a Privacy Issue in a Beautiful Way

This modern home in Sydney, by Australia-based architectural firm Tzannes Associates, poses itself to get the most out of northern light. The goal of the Woollahra, as the design is uniquely titled, is to benefit as much as possible from limited space typically found in urban environments. Creating a relaxing, modern yet landscape-rich environment with interconnected rooms both indoors and outdoors is the firm’s intent.


A Modern House in Mexico by TAL Architects: Casa GO

At Mid-Century Home we not only like Mid-century Modern houses designed and built in the nineteenth century, but also modern houses designed today with a Modernist inspiration.
The GO is a modern house with a Modernist vibe designed by TAL architects in 2014, is located on the west of the city of Monterrey, Mexico, on the highest part of a new residential subdivision. The owners of the GO requested a modern house design that made the best of the site’s conditions, primarily its dominant winds and spectacular views, while staying within a limited budget.


The Winged House by K2LD Architects

Singapore’s light and airy Winged House, designed by K2LD Architects, makes the most of its unusual – and potentially challenging – triangular plot with its innovative and visually arresting shape.
The site is framed by this private family residence’s magnificent wings, or trapeziums, which take their inspiration from traditional Malay architecture, where houses are designed to adapt to the tropical climate,

modernist house - chile - casa viejo - mathias klotz - exterior

Modernist House in Chile by Architect Mathias Klotz

Built in Santiago, Chile, on a site where a 1950s house was, the Viejo House designed by architect Mathias Klotz, has a built area of 700 square meters.
This family house is built entirely out of reinforced concrete and steel beams with a Modernist vibe.

casa TLALOC - TAL architects

A Three House Effect for TAL Architects’ Casa Tláloc

The Madero Franco house, also known as Casa Tláloc which almost always is associated with mountaintop shrines and life-giving rain in Aztec culture, is most appropriately named for it is situated high upon a sloping mountain plot just south of Monterrey city.
The house is not immediately visible through the dense wooded area but upon climbing the stairs that leads to the main entrance, v


Eichler Renovation in Palo Alto by Bellomo Architects

The Joseph Bellomo Architects Inc, is an architectural design bureau that offers design solutions to projects such as mixed use, residential, modular housing, commercial and urban planning which received the 2010 American Institute of Architecture Santa Clara Valley Merrit Award for the restoration work on the Alester Addition in Palo Alto, California.

k2ld architects - house at nim crescent

K2LD Architects. A Dream Within A Dream

Completed in Singapore 2002, the Nim Crescent house was designed by the K2LD Architects and displays an open garden to create a clear separation of functions without the conventional use of spacial dividers. The interlocking volumes creates separate activity areas while the outside and inside blur together in unison. The crisp, clean and contemporary lines give the viewer a seamless interplay of living spaces with a matching landscape to create a large open ground plane with no apparent clarity to spatial segregation.

Eichler home remodel - Double Gable - klopf architecture

Eichler Home Remodel: Double Gable

We’ve already hosted one stunning Eichler Home remodel by Klopf Architecture. The architects design style is deeply influenced by Mid-century Californian architects and projects like the Case Study House Program.
It’s almost superfluous to say that the people at Klopf are deeply influenced by Mid-century Californian architects and projects like the Case Study House Program

Modernist Inspired Desert House in California

One of the reasons why Modernist architecture is still contemporary after over 60 years is its legacy. Today’s architects find inspiration in the Modernist principles of connecting with nature while respecting it. Open plans and glass walls are key elements of their projects and today another element is included: sustainability.
Modern houses need to be sustainable and responsible, both in terms of materials used and energy consumption.

eichler home remodeled klopf architecture

A Remodeled Eichler in Palo Alto by Klopf Architecture

In 2014, Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects and Flegels Construction completed their remodeling of a classic open, indoor-outdoor Eichler home, which can be found in Palo Alto, CA, epitomizes Joseph Eichler’s staunch commitment to a typically Californian style of mid-century domestic architecture even more so after its recent improvements.

harrison street townhouse - 1100 architect

The Harrison Townhouse by 1100 Architect

By the turn of the twentieth century elegant townhouses around Harrison Street and Washington Street in New York, were turned into businesses, ripping out beautiful parlor floors and replacing them with warehouse doors.
The Washington Street Market, were this apartment is located, along with its bustling commercial activities engulfed the neighborhood entirely, driving residents away from the houses. Elegant crown moldings and mantles were substituted by commerce.

6 Modernist Pools, Great For a Party

This side of the hemisphere, spring has sprung and soon it will be time for outdoor parties and al fresco drinks.
Pool parties, of course, are the long-time favourite and Modernist architects knew it well as a pool was included in a blueprint, if possible.
Today we have our own roundup of pools in Modernist houses to make you dream of an early pool-party.

A Mid-Century Vibe For The Atrium House by Hfs d

This house, designed by Hfs d, has definitely a Mid-century modern vibe. Details as the flat roof or the floor to ceiling glass windows remind of a 1950s aesthetic. The living area suggests a contemporary Scandinavian atmosphere with its black and white palette, but the Mid-century arm chair and ottoman together with the floating fireplace in the background, suggest a passion for Mid-century interiors as well.

A Mid-Century Modern House Made of Light, Air and Glass

This house is located in the state of Illinois, U.S., and was designed in 1967 by the architect John Replinger. The iconic elements of a mid-century modern house are all there: open plan, floor to ceiling glass walls, a flat roof and discreet furniture that don’t distract from appreciating the outside view.

Art and Mid Century Modern: The Maharam House in New York

With this post I will start writing about mid century modern from a different prospective. So far I mostly shared with you beautiful houses and interiors designed and furnished back in the 50s and 60s; when mid century modern was not a trend or a style but just contemporary modern.

Post War Furnished Pre-War Duplex in NY: Michael Haverland

The lait motif of this New York apartment restored by the architect Michael Haverland is its pre-war origin. The owners wanted to keep the original details as the brass and mechanicals that were restored to their ancient beauty.
Same attention was given to the furnitures, all original post war/mid century modern pieces found on local shops.

Chris Barrett Design: Fisher Street Residence

Chris Barrett decorated this modern beach with casual sophistication. She drew influence from mid century modern to the surf culture of manhattan beach. As the best mid century modern houses, the open architecture seamlessly integrates the exterior elements with the vibrant color palette of the interior.

A Bright and Mid Century Modern Inspired Loft in Buenos Aires

The owner of this pad in Buenos Aires -the art director Juan Gatti- spent many years abroad for work, but when decided to come back he wanted a house that reflected his aesthetic, clearly influenced by mid century modern design.
This 1930s apartment is located in Plaza San Martin with big floor to ceiling windows that offer postcard views of classical beauties of the city as the Kavanagh Building, the church of the Holy Sacrament, the port, and the jacaranda trees in Plaza San Martin.

Ricardo’s Mid Century Modern Inspired Studio in LA

It is true that living in a city like Los Angeles -where mid century modern design and modernist architecture basically were born- helps to make your house the perfect place to live; this is what I thought when I first saw this studio.
The owner, Ricardo, is of course an huge fan of mid century modern design and architecture.

A Collector’s Apartment In New York

The owner of this apartment on the Upper West Side in New York is a mid century modern art and furniture collector. The interior designers are Jayne and Joan Michaels, two sisters in love with colors.

The Michaels sisters find inspiration for their interiors choices in paintings, yes…if they think of a painting that could work well in the space they are decorating, they keep it in mind to reproduce the colors in the room/s using furniture and art; a very interesting approach.

How Mid Century Modern Can be a Modern House?

There are too many elements that remember me of a mid century modern house in this Luke Zuber’s work.
The floor to ceiling glass windows, the patio as heart of the house, the wooden floors and paneled walls, the transparencies and almost no interruptions between different living areas…I could go on for hours…

Mid Century Modern Architecture Inspired House by Dowling Studios.

I can say very little about this amazing example of mid century modern architecture inspiration.
I already knew that several architects and designers are inspired by mid-century mmodern design but when I saw the pics of the West Dry Creek House designed by Dowling Studios, I seriously believed for a moment to be watching a Richard Neutra house heavily restored!

A Small Mid Century Modern Gem In Manhattan.

I can’t help it, I love small spaces. Probably because they are more tricky to decorate and they force you to be creative.
This house is based in Manhattan and the owner -that clearly likes mid century modern and art- went through a difficult renovation to achieve this small gem of creativity and handiness.