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Richard Neutra VDL research house upstairs external

Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House

Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House is surely the building whose history best captures the life of its architect.

Named “VDL” after the wealthy Dutch industrialist Cees H. Van der Leeuw, Neutra’s early benefactor, it served as the architect’s own home and studio for much of his career.

The George Nelson Ball Clockr

The post-WWII period was a new starting point for many people. The Americans embraced the decade of optimism by following the new trend of buying new objects to replace the old ones which brought bad memories of the difficult period.

Isamu Noguchi: The Freeform Sofa

Isamu Noguchi was a sculptor-designer with a predilection for the language of biomorphism that is clearly represented in the Freeform Sofa designed in 1946.
The sculptural background hugely influenced his works as furniture designer as it is also clear with the Freeform that looks as made of two large stones even with a dynamic and light appearance.

Mid Century Modern Icons: The Eero Saarinen Organic Chair

Eero Saarinen is internationally recognized as one of the American modernist designers that most of all contributed to reinvent the domestic and industrial design and spaces. Not only Saarinen was known and appreciated for his architectural works but he had a fundamental role within the furniture designs of the 1940s.

vintage store boomerang for modern

Mid Century Findings in San Diego by Boomerang For Modern

Occasionally, you meet someone that made of preservation and love for mid-century design his life and job: David Skelley is one of them.

David is a passionate collector of mid-century modern design that over 30 years ago opened a beautiful store in San Diego, to turn his passion into a business: Boomerang For Modern.

Hans Wegner: The Halyard Chair

The use of contrasting materials as rope, painted and chrome-plated steel, sheepskin and a linen-covered cushion to design the Halyard Chair have not precedents in the mid century modern design.
Hans Wegner goal while designing this chair was not to prove the textural interplay of the materials used but his ability to create practical and innovative furniture in any other material than wood.

Charles and Ray Eames: Lounge Chair And Ottoman

Initially made as a one-off prototype design, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman quickly became fashionable and well-liked by a wider public after the design was improved and eventually put into production. It was seen as a 20th-century rebirth of the old English Club Chair.

Arne Jacobsen’s Swan Chair

The original Swan chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen as part of a project for the Radisson’s Royal Hotel in Copenhagen that also included the Egg chair. Arne Jacobsen’s design consisted of a curved hard plastic seat on a polished aluminium stand.
The aluminium swiveling base was not part of the original design for the Swan chair. It previously had a set of cross-shaped legs made from laminated beech wood.

Mid Century Architecture: The Jones Residence

When the architect had to design this house in a wooden area -his own home- he chose for a particular rigours style.
Like most of the mid century modern houses, also this one was designed to make blurry the limit between inside and outside. The rectangular and single-level architecture together with the floor to ceiling windows used as external walls, provide views of the wood from most of the rooms.

George Nelson Studio: The Ball Clock

Because of its unique design, the Atomic Clock became one of the most recognizable pieces of the mid-century design. Its shape reminds of an atom’s molecular structure, resembling the modern age and technology innovations. The missing numbers may also indicate the representation of time as a metaphysical state in which it passes without reference.

I Want Neutra! A Mid Century Architecture Love Story.

The photos in this article come from my favorite architecture and design magazine -Case Da Abitare. It was taken in one of the houses built by Richard Neutra in the so-called “Neutra Colony”- a group of mid-century homes built at Silver Lake (L.A.) in 1959.
The new owner of this piece of Neutra mid-century architecture is Eli Bonerz; buying this house was a promise he had made to himself.

richard neutra kaufmann house - palm springs - living

Mid Century Architecture: The Kaufmann House Today.

If you love mid century architecture as I do, probably is very easy to picture Palm Springs as the perfect place to visit amazing mid century homes and villas. But back to the 50s and 60s, it was mainly known as the Hollywood stars and rich people’s favorite location to spend a weekend playing golf and having fun.

The Colours of Mid Century Modern. Part 1

Even though I am used to show mid century modern houses decorated with natural textures and materials, the typical 50s and 60s houses often had rich and bold colours that helped to highlight, unify and divide the inner spaces.
The monotonous palette of the war period interiors were replaced by dazzling tints during the 50s.

Vote The Best Lego Mid Century Modern House!

Basically, Dwell and the Pacific Standard Time asked to Dwell’s readers to ‘Construct a model of an original mid century modern home inspired by iconic California mid-century modern architecture.’ They had more than 100 entries and now its up to us to vote the best ones.

A Small Mid Century Modern Gem In Manhattan.

I can’t help it, I love small spaces. Probably because they are more tricky to decorate and they force you to be creative.
This house is based in Manhattan and the owner -that clearly likes mid century modern and art- went through a difficult renovation to achieve this small gem of creativity and handiness.

Apartment in Amsterdam, Eclectic Mid-Century Modern

Sometimes you enter an apartment and immediately feel a connection with it. That is what happened when I first entered this amazing house.

From Mid-Century to Contemporary.

The owner, my friend Guido, is a graphic designer living in Amsterdam.
He has an original and personal style, that always inspires me. Guido likes to mix mid-century pieces with playful retro flea markets objects found around Europe.

A Mid-Century Inspired Bungalow

I like how the owners of this mid-century inspired bungalow in the Hampshire furnished it. The colors and materials perfectly match.
I like how the sloping ceiling creates geometries in contrast with the brick walls, a lot of triangles, rectangles and trapezia.