How To Find Your Perfect Mid Century Modern House

Today we will start publishing about a new topic: Mid century modern houses hunting and renovation/maintenance.

It was since a while I wanted to do so but my lack of knowledge of the topic stopped me.

But destiny sometimes helps us 🙂 In fact, during the research for a co-editor Mark VanCleve contacted me. He is in the mid century modern renovation business since more than 35 years, has an excellent  knowledge of the topic and will share it with us during this new series of posts.

Join me in welcoming Mark on Mid Century Home!

Today’s post will be an introduction to some of the topics that he will cover. I hope you will enjoy the series and Mark’s contribution.

Feel free to leave your comments/questions at the end of the post, Mark will be happy to reply!

Mark Tells Us:

So, you’re ready to hop off the fence and buy that mid-century home you’ve always dreamed of.  Well, it’s about time but now, what ? Have you ever owned a home before ?  Do you have an agent ?  What geographic areas should you look in ? Square footage ? Condition ? Price ? Ooooh, here comes that headache again.

Take heart. It’s a big step, sure, but not an impossible dream.  So, let us start with the basics for those of you ready to take the plunge; for you who already have done so, congratulations, and stay tuned ! In this series of posts we will be delving into the search, purchase, repair/renovation & maintenance of your dream home.

For the next few installments, we’ll concentrate on the potential Mid Century Modern buyer.  If you haven’t done so already, your primary goal should be to get your financial house in order.

mid century modern house lisbon(House in Lisbon – on

What can you afford ? In Southern California, where I live, you can find a Mid Century Modern starter home for around $300K, but the nicer properties can easily reach $750K to over $1M. Will you have available funds for renovations/repairs ? Depending on the home’s condition, these costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars very quickly. These are obvious but important considerations. A certified home inspector can be a homebuyer’s best friend. A few hundred invested now could save you many thousands in the long haul.

Another often-overlooked aspect is your realtor, also known as the buyer’s agent.  This person should have at least a reasonable knowledge of the Mid Century Modern aesthetic.  Ask around, get references. Many Mid Century Modern-appreciative agents can be found online. Remember, this isn’t just a house you’re seeking; it’s your personal Mid Century Modern heaven!

mid century modern house - london(Architect Eldridge Smerin – House for sale on

Settled on a style yet ?  Mid Century Modern -just like a beautiful diamond- comes in many shapes, sizes and facets. Open plan, flat roofs or more traditional rambling ranches ? Minimalist, storybook or organic ? We’ll discuss the differences.

What about location ? Are you locked into a specific neighborhood or locale, or flexible to surrounding areas ? Urban, suburban or rural ? Each have their advantages and disadvantages: we’ll take a look at your lifestyle and see what fits you the best before you start looking in earnest. These are all important aspects worthy of consideration, and it will benefit you to do your own research beforehand.

neutra hailey residence - hollywwod(Richard Neutra’s Hailey Residence – House on

How will you know when you’ve found ‘your house’ ? Your own passions should tell you that, but don’t jump in and sign any contracts just yet: we’re only getting started!