How to DIY Your Own Mid Century Modern Lighting

Lights are very important in a room. I always thought that even if you have an almost empty room, it can still look great with the right lightning.

Vintage chandeliers, desk lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps etc. are probably the easiest things to find in a flea market, in a vintage shop or on eBay auctions but if you want a very nice one from a famous designer you’ll probably see crazy prices around; doesn’t matter if vintage or new!

But there’s a third way to have a nice, original, mid century style design lamp.

How? Do it your self!

The DIY Lights

The extremely talented designer Lindsey Adelman posted on her website the instructions to make your own DIY lamp with a great retro style and few bucks!

You can create your own light -chandelier, mobile or clamp lamp- combining the different parts; you just need some manual abilities, to follow the instructions and is done!

In the instructions she lists the parts you need, where to find them and how to assemble them, step by step.

I promised to myself to do it as soon as possible because the result is really cool! 😀


You can download the instructions here:


1. Chandelier

2. Mobile

3. Clamp Lamp

Enjoy, and show me the results! 🙂 Leave a comment and let me know your opinion!

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