The Magical 4 Rules – Part 2: How to Pay The Price YOU Want

Last week I shared with you my  Magical 4 Rules to Save Money While You are Thrifting and this week, to end this short series, I want to share my way to negotiate the best price: that always works!

I ended the last post at the step ‘right object found‘: now is time to pay it the price you want! 😀

Negotiation is the main part of the game and if  you want to be a professional thrifter,  you’ve got to learn how to do it properly

Here are the 4 rules I always follow to get what I want at the price I want:

  1. never be over-enthusiastic in front of the seller!It doesn’t matter if you have been looking for that specific thing for ever, that it is in perfect conditions and also comes cheap; you can always spend less!

    If you show your enthusiasm, the seller will never go down with the price; that is the goal of the negotiation.



  2. Ask the price with indifference without looking in a hurry, desperate or in LOVE.If you are with someone say something like: ‘wasn’t it cheaper in that other place?‘ Without shouting , but loud enough to let the seller hear it!

    This will give him the impression that you can buy it for a lower price somewhere else…he will get ready for the negotiation.

  3. make an offer…if he accepts your price, congrats! … otherwise, leave!Yes, you have to leave the stall and take another tour.

    It will give the seller the definitive impression that you are not dying to have it, even if this is exactly the other way round…I KNOW!

  4. Come back after a while, and repeat your offer…he will accept. Especially if the market is about to close 😉

These basic tricks always work for me, and that’s how I buy what I like and need without wasting money and at the price I want to pay! 😀

If you wanna be sure to choose the right piece and pay it the price you want, don’t forget to read also the first post of this series with my Magical 4 Rules to Save Money While You are Thrifting. 😉

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