Thrifting in Italy Summer Edition

Also this summer I went back to my hometown in Italy for my summer holidays 🙂

Even though the weather was perfect, the food amazing and I had a lot of fun with my old friends: I found the time to go for a short thrifting tour, I know you love the ‘Thrifting in Italy’ posts guys 😉

As I also said in my last thrifting in Italy post, and to Vanessa during my interview on Thrift Core, Italians are not very passionate about thrifting: It’s considered something for poor people over there. Anyway, below there are the funniest things I found:

Specially in my region -Sicily- this kind of furniture -end of XIX century, so called Liberty Style– are still very appreciated and quite common. So it is not difficult to find them in the local second hand shops.

If I’ll move back to Italy one day, I wouldn’t dislike to have one -and just one- of them 🙂

As you probably saw above, on the cabinet there’s a ceramic -fake porcelain- statuette…

…they are really loved by some people and you can easily find houses almost completely packed with those stuff! I personally think that they are crap, but I respect who collects them 🙂 You’ve to be really brave to do it…;)

Another kind of furniture you can easily find in my city’s second hand shops, are the fake Venetian Style ones -see above-  I’ve no sympathy for who buys them; at all 🙂

Finally…I found something matching my taste 🙂 Specially the clock on the right side -sorry for the poor pic- it was lovely!

Last, but not least, my favorite kind of  find…THE SAD CLOWN! 😀 I took the pic of one only but there was an entire wall full of sad clowns…amazing. They are so pop-trash that I can’t resist…I’ll buy one, one day 🙂

So, this was it…I’m glad I found the time to have a thrifting tour because It is always a lot of fun.

Which find do you like the most? Let it me know in the comments!


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Thanks for reading and ciao!