Welcome to Your New Mid-Century Home

Things look very different at Mid-Century Home, today.

Thanks to you, this year Mid-Century Home turns 5 and today we’re celebrating, launching a refined new layout and logo.

Better, faster, stronger

The overall redesign focuses on freeing up space for bigger photos, while the mobile-first layout makes pages simpler and faster to read and navigate. Anywhere. Anytime.

The new layout makes it easier than ever before to find the stories and categories you love, while keeping the layout clean and easy to navigate.

The new homepage now makes it easier to access the most popular content on the site, as well as featuring some of the highlights from the week’s previous posts.

This Week new Mid-Century Home front page

On the homepage, you will now be able to influence what we show thanks to the new “This Week” section, which highlights the content and articles you enjoyed the most across our social media channels in the last week.

A cleaner design

The idea for the new logo followed the same approach: the result is a clean, essential and highly recognisable logotype.

The three initials of our brand name, are combined to create the totally new graphic element of the logo.

Same goes for the fonts. A sharper Open Sans is now used for the overall text while the Roboto font now styles the headlines.

A new beginning

With this redesign, Mid-Century Home continues its journey to become the favourite spot on the internet for like-minded people that love mid-century and modern architecture.

People like you, looking for inspiration, information, or just some eye-candy.

Comments and feedback

We hope you will enjoy the new Mid-Century Home, but If you see something broken or buggy, or have a comment or concern, we’re here for you. Email us: info@midcenturyhome.com

We will bring more changes in the months to come. Things will very likely break and not be perfect, ever. But we promise you that we’ll stick around, as you share this journey with us, fuelled by the passion for good architecture, design and its protagonists.

More information?

For more information about the story behind Mid-Century Home check the About section.

Once again, thank you: this new site is for you.

Marco Guagliardo
Editor in chief and Founder at MidCenturyHome.com