Mid-Century Home is the only digital magazine focused on the evolution of Modernist architecture, from the early decades of the XX Century, through the midcentury period to today.

Founded by our Editor in Chief, Marco Guagliardo, Mid-Century Home’s mission is to highlight the homes, interiors and furniture designed and built with a form fulfilling the need they are created for, always with the person at heart.

We aim to inspire you with carefully curated designs which respect our values and mission, whether you are on the hunt for a new kitchen accessory or starting a home renovation.

With over 13M impressions a month on Social Media, a weekly newsletter counting tens of thousands of subscribers, a vibrant Facebook Group with over six thousands midcentury home owners discussing and exchanging ideas on their homes and the website functioning as hub for all the content we create and share, Mid-Century Home is a strong online presence and a valid partner for all companies working in the home design and decoration industry.

Who We Are

Marco Guagliardo is the founder and editor in chief of Mid-Century Home. He started this site to share his passion and enthusiasm for meaningful architecture that makes an impact on people’s lives.

Carly Smith is our Junior Editor. Carly supports our daily editorial operations, social media management and content publishing activities.

Nikolas Gonidakis oversees our magazine’s PR and communication, guaranteeing our message reached our target audience in a clear and efficient way.

Our Readers

You are passionate about architecture, interiors and valuable design. Many of you live in the United States but Australia and Europe are very well represented as well.

Mostly educated, high-end professionals, you like to spend on good stuff for your home and don’t mind travelling to visit that iconic building you always saw in books. Also, you revisit us frequently and are connected to people that share your same interest: a passion for Modernist architecture and mid-century homes.

You definitely have strong opinions and know what you want to see and read: comments on our social media can get hot sometimes. You also like to share your love for us and that’s why we are growing, mostly thanks to word-of-mouth.

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Are you selling a midcentury house? We can help to sell it faster! Reach out for more info: partnerships@midcenturyhome.com

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As real enthusiasts often do, many of you like to collect mid-century design pieces to decorate their homes and sometimes live in a mid-century house too.

If you want to be featured in Mid-Century Home, feel free to email us with few photos and a short description of your house and its story to info@midcenturyhome.com

We cannot guarantee an answer to everyone but, if we fall in love with your story we’ll definitely be in touch.

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