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Here, you will find our selection of mid-century homes that we hope will inspire and delight you.

With this selection of iconic homes built across the globe, United States, Australia, Europe and South America, we aim to bring you the most refined mid-century homes and architecture, that contributed to make mid-century modern and modernist architecture so popular and loved across the 20th century up to today.

Grutzner House - Beaumaris Australia - living room

The Beaumaris Modern Book

Beaumaris Modern is a testimony to the blooming and progressive lifestyle preferred by bohemians, artists and young couples in Australia’s Post Second World War Beaumaris neighborhood.

1963 midcentury home renovation -

A 1963 Home is Back to Its Midcentury Glory

This midcentury home has been restored and revised over the years to go beyond the simple necessities of modern living.

Since its original construction in 1963, the home was expanded to cover 3,278 square feet of living space, including three courtyards.