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Mid-Century Home showcases mid-century and modern homes designed by influential modernist architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Donald Wexler, Craig Ellwood, and John Lautner. Our aim is to highlight how contemporary architects continue to follow the principles of their famous predecessors when building modern homes. In this section, we curate a collection of contemporary homes constructed today but following modernist principles.

We carefully select homes from contemporary architects who we believe respect the modernist principles of building and demonstrate how Modernism is still relevant. Our curation includes homes that embody the core values of Modernism, such as simplicity, functionality, and the integration of the surrounding environment. By featuring these homes, we hope to inspire and encourage architects and homeowners to consider the principles of modernist design in their own projects.

Our collection spans across the globe, featuring homes from North America, Europe, Australia, and beyond. By showcasing contemporary homes that follow modernist principles, we contribute to the legacy of mid-century design and architecture and demonstrate how this movement continues to influence and inspire the world of design and architecture today.

Little Manly

A Sydney Home Inspired by Midcentury Modern Architecture

Little Manly House is located nearby Little Manly Beach at the base of Manly’s Eastern Hill. The house enjoys oblique views across the street to the harbour to the south west while the topography rises from the rear yard to the north-east with established trees providing a green sense of enclosure to the rear of the property.