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Mid-Century Home wants to be the most comprehensive resource about mid-century design and architecture and to tell the story of their protagonists.

Here, you will find our selection of mid-century homes that we hope will inspire and delight you.

With this selection of iconic homes built across the globe, United States, Australia, Europe and South America, we aim to bring you the most refined mid-century homes and architecture, that contributed to make mid-century modern and modernist architecture so popular and loved across the 20th century up to today.

The John Entenza Residence

Editor of Arts & Architecture Magazine John Entenza, is a very important figure in the history of mid-century modern architecture.

He was instrumental in positioning the magazine as one of the major champions of mid-century home design in the United States.

mid-century house renovation by Klopf architects in Sacramento - exterior

Mid-Century Modern Remodel in Sacramento

This new-build in Sacramento represents another thoughtful project by Klopf Architecture, this time in collaboration with Van Gelder Construction. Comprising three bedrooms and 2,633 square feet, it is a house that really reaches out to its surrounding environment.

This aim is most obviously captured by the large open plan living area’s two massive sets of windows on either side of the room.

Daniel Liebermann - mid-century house_Entryway

Liebermann’s Mill Valley House Has a Strong Frank Lloyd Wright Influence

This house in Mill Valley California could easily be mistaken for one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s. In fact, it was built in 1962 by John Liebermann, an acolyte of Wright’s.

One of the more obvious standout Wrightian features of the house is the circle brickwork patterns and structural elements, particularly reminiscent of something like the Cooke House.

mid century modern australian homes - harry seidler - Rose House

3 Flat-Roofed Houses We’d Move Into Immediately

The flat roof is one of the signal elements of modernist architecture, and one of its principal contributions to architecture in general. The original modernists liked them for their purity of form. But they soon became useful as an additional outdoor space, especially in the heat of Palm Springs and the like.

Mid-century house in Rancho Mirage by E. Stewart Williams pool

5 Mid-Century Homes Ready For a Sunset Party

Close your eyes and imagine the quintessential mid-century modern house setting, chances are it’s a classy evening get together between the owners and their friends, with guests spilling out from the indoors and gathered happily around the pool.