The best of Mid-century Modern and Modernist architecture

Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House

Richard Neutra VDL research house upstairs external

Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House is surely the building whose history best captures the life of its architect. Named “VDL” after the wealthy Dutch industrialist Cees H. Van der Leeuw, who …

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Le Corbusier’s Five Points at the Villa Savoye

Le Corbusier Villa Savoye facade

The Villa Savoye was built by the cousins Pierre and Charles Edouard Jeanneret, the latter much better known by his pseudonym Le Corbusier. Situated in Poissy in north central France, …

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Le Corbusier’s Radiant City Was Way Ahead of its Time

Le Corbusier’s - La Cité Radieuse

Le Corbusier’s “La Cité Radieuse” or Radiant City is an undisputed masterpiece of modernist design. Designed way back in 1929, and built between 1947 and 1952, the block featured one …

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Modern Gem-filled Flat Overlooks Niemayer’s Ibriapuera Park

Modern Gem-filled Flat Overlooks Niemayer’s Ibriapuera Park

This São Paulo flat looks about as modernist as it gets. Filled with an expertly curated array of modernist furniture pieces and overlooking the Ibriapuera Park (designed by legendary Brazilian …

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Eero Saarinen: Modernist Style Meets American Dynamism

Saarinen GM technical center

Situated in Warren, Michigan, just north of Detroit, the GM Technical Center has served as the heart of General Motor’s engineering research since it was finished in 1956. Built by …

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Vilanova Artigas’ FAU-USP: the fate of Brazilian Modernism

University of São Paulo - João Batista Vilanova Artigas

Discussion of modernist architecture in Brazil often ends up dealing with just one man: Oscar Niemeyer. One of the first truly international architects, Niemeyer is rightly lauded for putting Brazilian …

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Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center

Saarinen TWA Flight Center

Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center A landmark airport terminal is not the first place that people are likely to look when looking for mid-century design. The style being mostly associated with …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson Wax Complex and Research Tower

frank lloyd wright - SC Johnson- campus and tower

A decade after finishing the SC Johnson Administration building in Racine, Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright started the construction of the Research and Development Tower. The 1950s building for SC Johnson was the …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Company Tower

frank lloyd wright - Price Company Tower

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) was one of the word’s most renowned of the 20th century in his profession, he designed over 1,000 structures, but the Price Company Tower in …

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The Mies van der Rohe Crown Hall in Chicago

mies van der rohe - crown - illinois institute of technology campus - chicago

One of the pioneers of modern architecture, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was born in Aachen, Germany, in 1886, before moving to Berlin, where he began his architectural career. Forced …

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Decorative Concrete Blocks In Mid-Century Modern Homes


Jason Davidson is a Landscape Architect in Melbourne, Australia, with a passion for Mid-century Modern that started when he and his wife bought their home in Beaumaris, Victoria, that happened to …

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Richard Neutra’s Mariners Medical Arts Center


Richard Neutra was born in Vienna in 1892 and studied architecture at the Technical Univesity of Vienna. He was a known for designing complex interior spaces and rejecting architectural ornaments. …

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel in Tokyo

frank lloyd wright - imperial hotel

Frank Lloyd Wright designed over a thousand different structures during his lifespan, the majority of which were houses. He was a domestic architect and believed he could have greater impact if he designed structures where …

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Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie by Mies van der Rohe

mies van der rohe berlin national gallery

Like many of his contemporaries, such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe was looking for a new architectural style that could represent modern times just …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple: Holy Concrete


It was during the first decade of a new century that a young architect named Frank Lloyd Wright harboured a vision of a new American building that would dispense with …

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The Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe

mies van der rohe - barcelona pavilion

The Barcelona Pavilion was designed in 1928 by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and completed in 1929 in Barcelona Spain. The building instantly became a masterpiece in van der Rohe’s …

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John Lautner’s Chemosphere. Malin House.


(Photo via Flickr user Brontis5) (Photos via LA Times) One of the most modern buildings of it’s time,  the Chemosphere by architect John Lautner, is praised for it’s unique design …

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Joseph Eichler, The Man Committed to Modernity

Perhaps one of the best examples of a self made man in real-estate development and mid-century modernism is Joseph Eichler. He had a dream, a clear vision and  made this …

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John Lautner’s Goldstein Residence. Los Angeles

  John Lautner’s Sheats Goldtstein Residence, is one of the most remarkable Modernist buildings ever designed and sits in Los Angeles, California. This house is closely related to John Lautner’s career, and …

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The Eichler Homes Remodelling Experts

klopf architecture - MCM room remodel

  We have covered the work of Klopf Architecture already in few articles. Today is John Klopf to tell us about Eichler homes and their remodeling. Our design style is rooted …

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Eichler Neighbourhoods. Total Community Design.

  Continues from Eichler Homes and The Sense of Community. Some of the successes of the Eichler communities can be ascribed to site planning. Neighbors come together and develop new …

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Eichler Homes And The Sense of Community

…Continues from The Tradition of Eichler Neighbourhoods The first Eichler homes were designed by well-known California architect team of Anshen & Allen and in later years other architects were hired …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Dream House’: The Schwartz House

The Schwartz House was part of Frank Lloyd Wright’s effort to affirm a new, original American architectural style with no reference to the past: the ‘Usonian’ style. The house was originally designed …

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The Tradition of Eichler Neighbourhoods

Continues from The Joseph Eichler Dream, Living Together in Nature. Eichler began building what today are called the Eichler neighbourhoods within a small community in Sunnyvale California. Originally priced for under ten …

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The Joseph Eichler Dream, Living Together in Nature

Many people may have heard the name before. For a few the concept of Eichler is relatively new. In the Real Estate business, especially in California, Eichler houses are a …

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Affordable Housing: Virgil Apartments by Architect Carl Maston

The Case Study House program was not the only attempt to build affordable houses for the post-war American middle-class. The Virgil Apartments building designed by architect Carl Maston in 1951 had the …

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John Lautner’s Design Philosophy

John Lautner, the highly influential architect behind such Mid-century greats as the Malin Residence, the Chemosphere and the Elrod Residence, described his design process as “a total involvement.” Although, despite …

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Renovating a Masterpiece, The John Lautner Garcia House

The current owner of the famous and iconic John Lautner Garcia house talks about the difficult, but fulfilling, process of renovating a Modernist masterpiece. In certain free moments while attending …

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7 Mid-Century House Ceilings We Love

In photos of mid-century houses, ceilings are often one of the most dramatic element. Modernist architects were particularly good at combining slopes, cantilevers and heights while playing with light and …

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Eichler Houses, Between Art and Marketing

 …continues from Eichler Homes: From Niche to Mainstream  Eichler hired Ernie Braun to photograph the house. The photos impressed Belluschi so much that he remarked to Eichler that they showed off the house even …

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Monique Lombardelli: a Life for Eichlers

Monique Lombardelli is a MidCenturyHome reader and fan of our Facebook Page. When she approached us to tell about her projects and documentaries on Eichler houses, we couldn’t resist; we asked her for …

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Eichler Homes: From Niche to Mainstream

(above A. Quincy Jones & Frederick Emmons – photo by Darren Bradley) …continues from Eichler Homes, Promoting Modernism. Starting in 1953, the American real estate market began to change. The rise of …

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4 Mid Century Modern Homes Where You Will Want to Stay

Today I want to introduce you to a new friend of ours: a curated vacation rentals listing site that exclusively features properties that have a combination of high design and …

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Mid Century Architecture: The Jones Residence

When the architect had to design this house in a wooden area -his own home- he chose for a particular rigours style. Like most of the mid century modern houses, also this …

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Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House.

richard neutra kaufmann house pool

Richard Neutra gets a fair amount of coverage on this site, with the legendary architect taking rightful place as one of the key progenitors of the mid-century style. Something that …

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Rudolph Schindler Photographed by Grant Mudford.


I already posted on Facebook some twentieth century architecture icons photographed by Grant Mudford, and today I spotted these amazing pics about Rudolph Schindler’s works. Mudford made a great job portraying these Schindler …

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Four Amazing Pins About Mies van Der Rohe.

How could I love mid-century modern without loving an architect as Mies van Der Rohe? His architecture and design influenced the whole twentieth century, the Neutra Kaufmann House is just an example. today …

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Mid Century Home Rewind 2011: Alvar Aalto

So here we are, the end of the year is time to recap and look back to see what we have done and achieved; in the Mid Century Home case …

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Richard Neutra

Richard Neutra was born in Vienna in 1892 and attended the Technische Hochschule (Vienna University of Technology) from 1911 to 1917.His career crossed five decades and he can certainly be …

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The Richard Neutra Kronish House


    The Kronish house was commissioned to Richard Neutra in 1954 by local tract developer Herbert Kronish. Designed in 1955, the Kronish House is still one of the largest …

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Mid Century Houses And The Importance of Lighting – Part 2

Continues from Mid Century Houses And The Importance of Lighting. Many of the most famous mid century lamps were, at first designed and manufactured in Sweden, Denmark or Finland where they …

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Alvar Aalto: Villa Mairea

Alvar Aalto designed many private houses in Finland and abroad, but the Villa Mairea is probably his masterpiece. The Genesis of The Villa Mairea Aalto designed this villa for Harry and Maire Gullichsen, two close friends …

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The Finn Juhl House Tour

I already wrote How FInn Juhl Influenced the Mid Century Modern Design, but yesterday I found out that exists a very well preserved Finn Juhl’s house in Denmark; the one where he …

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