A Palm Springs Inspired Modern House in Minnesota

Near downtown Minneapolis, stands the Theodore Wirth Ranch. This striking midcentury modern-inspired property, realized by StrandDesign, is a testament to modern architectural beauty harmonized with natural surroundings. The clients’ passion and exquisite taste drove the project, aiming to infuse a Palm Springs essence into this Minnesota locale.

David Strand, the architect, faced the unique challenge of creating a space that resonated with midcentury modern aesthetics while remaining contemporary and relevant. “Ok, now what?! How do we create something midcentury modern-inspired, yet keep it modern and relevant?” Strand recalls questioning at the project’s inception.

The design’s core was influenced by the desire to make the ranch a hub for gatherings. “We completely flipped the typical backyard approach,” Strand notes, strategically placing the pool and outdoor area for privacy and sunlight, essential for an entertainment-friendly environment.

The clients’ role was instrumental in shaping the home’s vision. “They were hugely important. These clients have great taste and passion,” Strand remarks, highlighting the collaborative effort that resulted in a cohesive and unified design.

Theodore Wirth Ranch - midcentury inspired modern - Strand Design - Exterior frontTheodore Wirth Ranch - midcentury inspired modern - Strand Design - Living room

Strand’s approach to incorporating a Palm Springs vibe in a colder climate was to create an indoor and outdoor oasis. “That was simple, we created an oasis for them inside and out,” he says. The home adapts through seasons, from sun-drenched winter days revealing the Minneapolis skyline to a summer private pool area, evoking a sense of being on vacation.

The architect favorite features include the strategic siting of the house and the living room design. The sunny front yard forms an inviting entertaining space, while the living room, with its expansive glass and stone wood-burning fireplace, stands out as a centerpiece.

The choice of materials was deliberate, featuring timber, sandstone, marble, cork, concrete, and steel. “We simply chose what we liked,” Strand explains, aiming for purposeful and tactile elements that blend midcentury inspiration with a modern touch.

Sustainability was key in the design, with Strand aiming to build a legacy home using high-quality, long-lasting materials. The influence of Frank Lloyd Wright is evident, with Strand drawing inspiration from Wright’s Seth Peterson Cottage.

Theodore Wirth Ranch - midcentury inspired modern - Strand Design - Living roomModern home - moreing rd - mountford architects - living room
Theodore Wirth Ranch - midcentury inspired modern - Strand Design - kitchenTheodore Wirth Ranch - midcentury inspired modern - Strand Design - dining area