Frank Lloyd Wright Houses


This architect is considered the father of American modernism for very good reasons.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses, and 1000+ architectural works overall, paved the way to modern and contemporary architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright’s believe that humans should build and live in harmony with nature, was the foundation of what he called organic architecture. Probably the best representation of his modernist values is the celebrated Fallingwater, built on a water fall.

In this section we feature some of the projects that Wright worked on during his prolific career: the Frank Lloyd Wright houses we find most representative of his revolutionary vision for modern architecture.

frank lloyd wright Marden House

The Frank Lloyd Wright Marden House

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Marden House in 1952 for Luis Marden, an acclaimed National Geographic photographer, and his wife Ethel.

The Marden House is made of cinder blocks and features a magnificent view of the river valley facilitated by 80 feet floor to ceiling windows.