Past Perfect: Crafting the Ultimate Coastal Retreat

Interior designer Amelda Wilde recently turned a classic Torquay home into a unique holiday home for her clients who wanted to be reminded about their childhood holidays by the Victoria coast. The design mixes sturdy materials with fun touches.

The project started with the kitchen, taking cues from famous Mexican architect Luis Barragan’s pink kitchen, designed in 1940s.

This choice set the theme for the rest of the house. Key features, like the copper range hood made by Von Steel, are built to look better as they age. Amelda says, “The copper range hood is developing a lovely patina, and the amber glazing is a material I will never tire of.”

Vintage furniture and local artwork add a touch of the area’s history and character. The garden at the entrance connects well with the inside of the house. 

As you enter, you’re met with playful wallpaper and a life-size porcelain Collie.

Each bedroom has its own unique style, from bright green plaids to horse and goat patterns. These rooms are memorable for their country feel and quirky charm. In the bathrooms, bold patterns continue with concrete baths, mosaic tiles, terrazzo floors, and olive wall tiles.

The final result is a space that’s both welcoming and unlike a typical home. Amelda finishes by saying, “It was an immersive project to establish such a valiant and eclectic atmosphere, rich in considerations and irreverent detailing.” 

This property shows the designer skill in making spaces that honour the past while also looking forward, with every detail adding to its charm and uniqueness.

Photos by Cricket Saleh