Reinventing Modernism in Palm Springs

Desert Palisades, a family home in Palm Springs, stands amidst its desert environment. Designed by Woods + Dangaran, it offers a unique take on architectural harmony with nature.

The home provides stunning views of the San Jacinto Mountain. Its design aligns with the mountain’s base, blending the building into the desert landscape. The architects ensured that the house felt timeless and naturally integrated, despite its commanding presence.

The house reveals itself starting from the pool area, extending into pavilions that merge natural and man-made elements. The connection to nature is evident in the choice of materials. The base is built with concrete masonry units, while the pavilions use burnished natural grey blocks, giving an impression of emerging from the ground. Brass casing is used to counter the desert heat and allow for a natural patina over time.

Inside, plaster adds depth and warmth, reflecting the desert outside. Travertine used in countertops and flooring enhances the home’s timeless feel. The interior’s green and brown tones continue the dialogue with the outdoor landscape. Large glass panes allow for seamless integration with the surroundings.

This house represents a modern take on California’s midcentury and modernist architecture, infused with contemporary elements. Woods + Dangaran, known for blending modern and contemporary styles, have created a space that is both escapist and homely. Drawing inspiration from the desert and the nearby mountains, the house balances softness with the harsh desert environment.

The interior features a muted palette of sage greens, dusty pinks, and sandy browns, echoing the desert terrain. The layout consists of two wings – one private and one public – all on a single level. Glass walls offer unobstructed views of the landscape, while patinaed brass on the façade adds a subtle shimmer.

The planting, both indoor and outdoor, is native to the region, suitable for the local climate. A swimming pool and terrace provide outdoor entertainment options, typical of Palm Springs homes but with a distinct architectural balance.

Photos by Joe Fletcher