Reviving The Interiors of a Midcentury Apartment in Brisbane

Lucy Jeffries, an interior architect with a passion for preserving the essence of mid-century architecture, embarked on a journey to revive the timeless elegance of this house in Brisbane. 

Establishing her own design studio in 2015, Jeffries brought years of experience honed while working with acclaimed architectural practices such as Vokes and Peters and Shaun Lockyer.

Collaborating closely with the clients, Lucy embarked on a mission to strip away the excess and return the dwelling to its essential form, while infusing it with carefully curated contemporary updates.

Lucy’s affinity for architecture traces back to her childhood, where she spent hours sketching house plans and immersing herself in her mother’s decorating magazines. 

Following a brief dalliance with a science degree, Lucy pursued a Masters of Architecture and delved into the world of architectural practices for nearly a decade before venturing into interior design.

Tasked with restoring this mid-century gem to its former glory, Lucy collaborated closely with clients who harbored a clear vision for their home. 

Drawing inspiration from their preferences and extensive collection of magazine clippings, Lucy curated a cohesive and timeless scheme that seamlessly melded past and present.

The restoration process involved reimagining the layout and updating outdated elements while preserving the home’s inherent character. With the assistance of the clients and trusted builders from M2 Construct, Lucy breathed new life into the dwelling, bidding farewell to aluminum shutters and incongruous additions from previous owners.

The result is a harmonious fusion of mid-century charm and contemporary flair, where bespoke cabinetry serves as a backdrop for the owners’ eclectic collection of furniture and Australian art. 

Bathed in Queensland sunlight, the refurbished home exudes warmth and serenity, inviting inhabitants to bask in its understated elegance.

Photos by Cathy Schusler