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A Brief History of Italian and Scandinavian Mid Century Glassware

Mid century glassware is special, the sculptural and organic forms create an amazing effect capturing the light and decorating the room all alone. It often had a sculptural look, even if designed for a daily-use as table-wares, paperweights, platters and so on.
From the late 20s and across all mid century, designers began to replace craftsmen becoming real glass artists while manufacturers created series of functional

4 Affordable Alternatives To Famous Mid Century Lights

We all love mid-century design but some of you probably think that mid-century furniture is overpriced.
If you can’t really afford to buy expensive design pieces but like to have good-looking furniture, which is going to stay in vogue for some time, we’re sure that you’ve been to IKEA at least once. The good thing about IKEA is that it deliberately takes its inspiration from the best mid-century modern – usually Scandinavian – design.

The First Alvar Aalto House and Studio

Looking for better job opportunities, Alvar Aalto and his family moved from the small town of Turku to Helsinki in 1933. Besides job opportunities, Aalto also was also looking for the perfect location where he could build his future home. After living in two different apartments in Helsinki, the Aaltos bought a piece of land just outside the city.

The Isamu Noguchi IN50 Coffee Table

The Isamu Noguchi coffee table is the today’s iconic mid century object. I’m lucky to see it every day from real -it’s in the hall of my office- and I can say to know it quite well 🙂
Who Isamu Noguchi was? A Short Biography.

The Achille Castiglioni Toio Lamp.

Within the many famous Italian mid-century modern designs, the Achille Castiglioni Toio Lamp has undoubtedly a primary role.
Even though Achille was the most known of the Castiglioni brothers, he worked closely with his older brother Pier Giacomo to many projects until his premature death in 1968; both concentrating on the same task, rather than dividing up the work.

RESOURCES: The Starting Point for Your Mid Century Appetite

Since a while I had the idea to build a page that was a good starting point for the new readers and a specific archive for posts about the iconic objects that made the mid-century design’s history.
Posts like the Aalto’s Savoy vase or the Jacobsen’s Egg chair -to mention a couple of them- were really appreciated by you guys so,..

Who Said That Students’ Houses Have to Be Ugly?

Our lives, that’s what our houses should be about and tell.
When I visit/see a house I try to understand a bit about the story of its owner and not only if it is decorated with nice mid-century furniture or is an architecture masterpiece. That’s why I immediately loved this house!

A Little Known, But Amazing, Eames’ Object

I’m a curious person, I like to ‘investigate’ and learn as much as possible about what I like: especially about Mid-Century design.
Few days ago I was thinking which object should have I choose for the today post. I wanted to write about something that is usually not mentioned within the most famous works of Charles and Ray Eames but that had an interesting story anyway.

A Contemporary Vintage Apartment in Valencia: Jaime Hayon

Few days ago, in The Best 4 Posts of the Week About Mid-Century and Design, I wrote about the FAVN sofa by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen: an Arne Jacobsen inspired sofa launched last week at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
Yesterday I was, finally, reading the April issue of Case Da Abitare and, guess the house of who was in there? Jaime Hayon and his wife Nienke!
Considering that the house is in Valencia -where I had a short holiday recently- and that I posted about him last week I thought: it’s a sign! 🙂 I’ve to write about it.

The Poul Henningsen PH Lamps

One of my favorite series of lamps ever are the Poul Henningsen PH Lamps; the PS Artichoke in particular.
Poul Henningsen was one of the most famous mid-century modern Danish designers and it comes with no surprise that almost all his designs are still manufactured by the Danish company Louis Poulsen.

Staring a Wall You Can Change the World: George Nelson Docet.

“[Simon & Schuster] had given us advantages, and like any young writers we had spent them and hadn’t done the work…We were well-qualified to write the book, except when we got to the chapter on storage: we simply could not write the required 5.000 words.
This produced frustration of an acute sort.

How the US Courts Thwarted the Mid-Century Design

I can not stop to learn about the Mid-Century Design 🙂
When last week I wrote about the New and Old Molded Plastic Eames Chairs and When the Mid-Century Modern Begun, I pointed out how the designers and the manufacturers invested a lot of time and money in the research and development process in order to find a way to use the post war technologies and new materials for home furnishing scopes.