Shall I Keep The Fireplace?

My husband and I are trying to decide whether or not to keep this fireplace.

I like the idea of it but it looks like shoddy craftsmanship. Does anyone have any experience with reviving this type of stone? The mortar work looks like it was done by a five year old, can we mortar over without ruining the existing stone?

👉🏻 I’d start over. The stones are a mess and don’t look mcm at all.

👉🏻 I’ve found in my home, not everything MC vintage is cool. Somethings are too ugly or beat up to keep. I agree, do something else with it.

👉🏻 Have the stone professionally pointed. Those stones are certainly cool and mcm looking. The fireplace door is probably period correct. If it works, leave it. Newer ones dont look correct at all. Me personaly…i prefer the spark curtain, as it just looks better

👉🏻 I get the intention here, but it turned out so wrong. I would almost just get rid of it. Bricks or a full re-do on the masonry for the win. The fireplace is such a huge focal point of MCM homes, you need to make it count!

👉🏻 People would kill for that stone. It’s surely worth saving. Do your research please don’t put a hideous veneer, new stack stone or heaven forbid paint it. Some things are worth saving. I just finished cleaning all our internal sandstone. It took hours a lot of scrubbing but was so worth the effort. It had black stains all over it. So many people take the easy way out it’s not always the best.

👉🏻 My home I’d consists of alot of river rock which is a pain but and important feature. We have cleaned and lightly sealed the interior. The exterior walls will be pointed this spring. Keep it!

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