A. Quincy Jones

A. Quincy Jones, also known as “Quincy”, was born in 1913 in Kansas(Missouri) but moved to Southern California on a young age.
In 1936 he received his B. Arch. from the University of Washington and for six years worked in various firms, including Honnold & Russell.

After serving in the Navy during the World War II, A. Quincy Jones opened his firm in 1945.  From 1950 to 1969 he partnered with Frederick E. Emmons to, eventually, take over the sole ownership of the firm.
Jones’s mostly designed residential, particularly merchant-built, houses. A. Quincy Jones major projects include of The Case Study Houses, the n. 24, as well as steel houses in San Mateo(California) for the builder Joseph L. Eichler.

Winner of numerous awards, Quincy Jones’ practice also received the Award of the A.I.A.(American Institute of Architecture). Jones also taught at the University of Southern California and served as the Dean of the School of Fine Arts to die in Los Angeles in 1979.

A. Quincy Jones and Frederick E. Emmons, Architects. Milton S. Tyre House, Los Angeles, California, 1951-54