Has anyone restored a wood panel like this?

Photo Kelli Stohlmeyer

The house we recently bought has a great wood privacy divider wall but the previous owners had art on this wall leaving a lot of discoloration. Has anyone tackled restoring something like this? I’m picturing many hours of sanding and dremeling.

👉🏻I don’t think it’s discolored, the rest of the wall just faded where it was exposed to sunlight. You can stain the lighter wood around it, or put another big painting in that spot!

👉🏻The rest of the wood has faded. A stain will only make it worse. Some oil to enrich the faded part could help, but only time and daylight will make the dark part blend in. Either accept it or hang some art again.

👉🏻The last thing you want to do is to sand or grind this wall
As the others say just clean the entire wall and oil the entire area.

👉🏻Try Krud Kutter” to clean the wood.

👉🏻We had a similar situation on our paneling that had faded showing outlines of previous owners pictures. We went over it with tung oil and it pretty much disappeared.

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