Have a Break Like a Scandinavian

The food and design mix is one of the most popular on social media and fun to bring to your home. The success of a good Fika (Swedish word meaning catching-up with a coffee and some pastries) is often related to the food eaten and tableware used.

We love a good tea or coffee break and here we present a selection of tableware and books that will help you re-create the Scandi Hygge (cosy) atmosphere.

Fika & Hygge – Scandikitchen

FIka and Hygge recipes book cover

Fika & Hygge – FromScandinavia with love

“Fika is a Swedish word meaning taking a break with someone to relax and unwind. Hygge is a very popular Norwegian word embraced by Danes, meaning an extremely pleasant state of cosines, when nothing else matters. It’s often associated to Fika and a sweet treat.

This book is a collection of perfect recipes for both Fika and Hygge. Recipes from across Scandinavia, all beautifully illustrated and divided into Biscuits and Cookes, Tray and No Bakes, Everyday Fika, Little Fancy Cakes, Celebration Cakes and Bread and Batters. Something for every baker, and every occasion.”

The Emma Electric Kettle – Stelton

Emma electric kettle by Stelton

“Emma electric kettle by Stelton features a streamlined steel body and a beautiful beech handle inspired by the golden age of Danish design. What’s more, Emma kettle has a removable limescale filter and a dry boil safety switch.

Designed by HolmbäckNordentoft, the electric kettle is part of the award-winning Emma collection that was inspired by the Danish design of the 1950s and 1960s. The elegant and functional pieces of the Emma series combine perfectly together.“ Find the Emma electric kettle here.

Oiva Teapot and Cup – Marimekko

Oiva Teapot And Oiva coffee cup

“The Oiva tableware collection from Marimekko includes cups, bowls, plates, tea pots and different textiles and you will be free to combine them in an almost infinite number of ways, each one giving your table the right atmosphere you are looking for.

Combine the different pieces according to your mood, to the friends you will invite, to the food you will serve or to the textiles you will set the table with. The Oiva tableware is designed by Sami Ruotsalainen.” Find the Oiva Teapot here and the Cup here

Theo French Press – Stelton

Theo French press coffee maker - stelton

“The award-winning Theo product range includes a French press coffee maker that combines Scandinavian design with Asian culture in a sophisticated way. ” Find the Theo French press here

Teema Coffee Mug – Iittala

Iittala teema coffee mug - white

“The vast Teema collection is derived from three simple forms: circle, square and rectangle. The classic Teema white mug works just as beautifully on its own as it does on a Teema-themed table or as part of any Iittala collection.” Find the Teema mug here

Teema Cereal/Soup Bowl – Iittala

Iittaala teema cereal/soup bowl

“Teema bowl is part of Teema tableware collection from Iittala. Teema collection was designed by Kaj Franck in 1952, and is based on familiar and basic shapes – a circle, a square and a rectangle.” Find the Teema bowl here

Oiva Koppa Serving Dish – Marimekko

Oiva Koppe Servig Dish - Marimekko

“Marimekko’s Koppa is a beautiful ceramic serving dish with a leather handle. The white dish belongs to the Oiva tableware collection that is characterized by a simple and pleasant design, suitable both for everyday and festive table settings.“ Find the Koppa servig dish here

Scandinavia Dreaming, Gestalten

Scandinavia dreaming book - cover front - Gelstalten

Scandinavia Dreaming – Gestalten

“Finland is not usually considered part of Scandinavia, although it is the birthplace of a long list of designers and brands – Iittala, Artek or Nokia – that most would associate with Scandinavian style. (…) Like their neighbors, almost all Finns live a life outdoors, leading artists and designers to mine familiar scenes from nature and represent them through both bright and dark lenses (…)”

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