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mid-century house renovation by Klopf architects in Sacramento - exterior

Mid-Century Modern Remodel in Sacramento

This new-build in Sacramento represents another thoughtful project by Klopf Architecture, this time in collaboration with Van Gelder Construction. Comprising three bedrooms and 2,633 square feet, it is a house that really reaches out to its surrounding environment.

This aim is most obviously captured by the large open plan living area’s two massive sets of windows on either side of the room.

mid century modern australian homes - harry seidler - Rose House

3 Flat-Roofed Houses We’d Move Into Immediately

The flat roof is one of the signal elements of modernist architecture, and one of its principal contributions to architecture in general. The original modernists liked them for their purity of form. But they soon became useful as an additional outdoor space, especially in the heat of Palm Springs and the like.