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Mid Century Modern Architecture Inspired House by Dowling Studios.

I can say very little about this amazing example of mid century modern architecture inspiration.
I already knew that several architects and designers are inspired by mid-century mmodern design but when I saw the pics of the West Dry Creek House designed by Dowling Studios, I seriously believed for a moment to be watching a Richard Neutra house heavily restored!

The Gerrit Rietveld Hanging Lamp.

Even though not part of the mid-century modern period, the Dutch designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld was within the ones that most influenced the aesthetic of the postwar modernism -or mid century modern- period; that is why I decided to dedicate a post to one of his iconic works.

The 10 Best Mid Century Modern Chairs. Part 2

Last week I published the first part of The 10 Best Mid Century Modern Chairs and today I will complete the list with other five amazing and iconic mid century modern chairs. Be sure to read the post until the end…there’s a surprise.
The Eero Saarinen Womb Chair.

The 10 Best Mid Century Modern Chairs. Part 1

We all admire them, desire them, dream about them but what do we really know about the most iconic mid century modern chairs ever?
Today I will start to answer to this question with the first of two posts about 10 of the best chairs ever designed during the mid century period.

Four Amazing Pins About Mies van Der Rohe.

How could I love mid-century modern without loving an architect as Mies van Der Rohe? His architecture and design influenced the whole twentieth century, the Neutra Kaufmann House is just an example.
today I want to share some nice pics I spotted on Pinterest about him, follow the buttons below the pics to see more.

A Vintage Retro House in Boston.

The owners of this house in Boston are two collectors of vintage retro and industrial pieces.
What I like the most of this house is the feeling of cosiness it gives. Even though the vintage retro furniture are a mix of different styles -with a mid-century lait motif- the overall effect is is nice ans warm.

The House of Art: Felipe Hess.

pace and art are the keywords for this apartment in San Paolo designed by Felipe Hess.
The owners are a mature couple that needed an open space where welcome friends and show their collection of art without losing the warmth of a house.

The Jean Prouve Compass Desk.

After writing about the Antony Chair, today I investigated a bit about another icon of mid-century modern: the Jean Prouve Compass Desk.
Jean Prouve considered himself a constructeur rather than an architect, designer or artist due to his training as blacksmith and the involvement in the manufacturing process of the products he designed.

A Modern Retro Loft in Madrid.

The couple owning this modern retro loft in Madrid did an amazing job.

The mix of art, mid-century modern furniture and playful objects is remarkable.
If I have to pick a spot, I would definitely go for the stunning dark wooden table with the Charlotte Perriand leather and steel chairs, awesome!

Jean Prouve’: The Antony Chair.

Jean Prouve’ was one of the most important French -and international- designers and architects of the twentieth century.
He started his career as metal worker in Nancy and craftsmanship always had a preeminent role in all his projects.
In 1931 he opened his workshop -the Ateliers Jean Prouve’-

A Tribute to Mid-Century Architecture

When I first saw this apartment I realized that it did’t have a mid-century architecture but that it was more a tribute to it.
Reading Tyler’s post, I was confirmed I was right…the house owner -a gallerist- honored the amazing pieces she has, surrounding them with an homage to the mid-century modern interior design and architecture.

House Tour: A Mid-Century Modern Mix in Los Angeles

The perfect environment for mid-century modern furniture? Los Angeles, a bright mid-century modern house owned by a young couple.
The classical mid-century modern decor elements are all there: big ceiling to floor door windows, flagstone covered walls, a fireplace that’s the real heart of the house and wood panels. The perfect mix indeed…


How The Mid Century Aesthetic Influenced Steve Jobs.

Sounds like a weird title, isn’t it? But it’s true…the mid century architecture somehow influenced Steve Jobs and his choices in business.
I don’t have to tell you who Steve Jobs was, what I probably have to tell you is that he influenced and inspired many of my personal decisions in the last ten years at least and that I was really touched when he died.

Jens Risom is back!

Our last short visit to London for the Design Festival was extremely interesting and rich with nice designs and furniture. One of our discoveries was the Rocket Gallery.
Although the current exhibition is about post-war Dutch design, we spotted few contemporary pieces with a clear Mid-century inspiration: we found out to be reissues of Jens Risom’s 50s and 60s designs.

Mid Century Houses And The Importance of Lighting – Part 2

Many of the most famous mid century lamps were, at first designed and manufactured in Sweden, Denmark or Finland where they were have been manufactured and sold over the years.
Artificial light was fundamental in the Scandinavian interiors due to the long Nordic winters. It became so important throughout the mid century modern period that it became the main concern of the architects when they had to design a room.