A Collector’s Always Changing Loft in Paris

As the last house I showed you few days ago, also today’s apartment is spacious, bright and furnished with amazing European mid century modern design pieces.

It is located where a a former light bulb factory used to be for decades, in a early 20th century Parisian industrial building -in the Bastille area- transformed by two collectors of design.

Case Da Abitare March

The first time the couple visited this space was at the end of the 80s when an artist friend of them was considering to transform it in his studio. But when, instead, he decided to move in the South of France they did not hesitate one minute and bought it.

Case Da Abitare March

Of course a space dedicated to industrial production needed a deep re-thinking process to be transformed in a place they could live in.

Their friend -and famous architect- Fracois Bodin advised to paint the walls exposed beams white and leave the original timber floorboards in all the rooms together with exploiting the height of the loft and brightness of the skylight.

At the top level of the apartment there are bedrooms and guest-rooms close to the terrace while on the second flor the service areas communicate with the living room, probably the most spectacular part of the house.

Case Da Abitare March

The interiors express all this couple’s love for design and it’s mostly made of pieces of mid century modern design they have been collecting since years with the help of a gallery owner friend of them. Some of the pieces you can see in the pics were designed by masters as Jean Prouve’ and Bemard-Albin Gras.

Case Da Abitare March

Within their favorites artists and designers there are Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Jean-Michel F rank, Pierre Chareau. Eileen Gray, Mathieu Mategot.

Of course collecting is different from decorating an apartment, that’s why the owners recently decided to make a selection of pieces to show and rotate them. So that in one year this space could look completely different.

If you would like to get more inspiration from houses as beautiful as this one, I would advise you to check the Mid-Century Homes page!

All the pics in this post come from my favorite magazine when it comes to interiors, design and architecture: Case Da Abitare.

It’s an Italian magazine but all the articles are translated in English as well.

I love this magazine and I got a lot of inspiration from it over the years and for these reasons I strongly recommend you to check at least one issue; I am sure you will become addicted as I am.

You can quickly get a digital copy here.

case da abitare cover