Japanese and Italian Interior Design Fusion in a Milan Apartment

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The evolution of the Modern Oriental movement has given birth to a captivating fusion, where the allure of Japanese lacquer, intricate gilt details, and a dash of timeless Italian charm intertwine. This served as the inspirational foundation for Eligo Studio‘s remarkable transformation of a 1960s apartment in Milan.

Charged with the task of researching traditional Italian interior design styles and infusing them with diverse influences, Eligo Studio accomplished a remarkable feat.

The result is a harmonious coexistence of various elements: the deep richness of burgundy accents, intricate gilt embellishments, sleek black lacquer finishes, and flax-colored wall coverings inspired by Japonisme. 

These captivating features now harmoniously share space with a 1940s Italian chandelier, exquisite Murano glass lighting fixtures, and walls adorned in a gentle blue hue evoking the idyllic skies of Lombardy.

This innovative interpretation of the Modern Oriental style proves exceptionally well-suited for compact living spaces. Japanese-style screens and partitions play a pivotal role in defining distinct areas within the apartment, showcasing their remarkable versatility.

Affectionately named “shimmering” by Eligo Studio, the completed interior design project stands as a testament to the inherent luminosity, sumptuous silk walls, and the skillful balance of colors meticulously employed throughout the space.

Alberto Nespoli, who founded Eligo Studio together with Domenico Rocca, aptly describes the design philosophy as “a logical and orderly approach to decoration, offering the freedom to explore with a touch of the unexpected.”

Photos by Helenio Barbetta