The Modernist Inspired Lahaye Residence, Was Not Made To Show-Off

Soheil Nakhshab is the architect who designed the contemporary Lahaye Residence for Nakhshab Development & Design Inc. The clients chose Mr. Nakhshab because of his fame to be a reliable professional who cares deeply about the quality of the construction but keeps an eye on the clients’ needs, to enrich their dwelling experience.

Today’s project certainly reflects all of the characteristics which Mr. Nakhshab is known for.

Marah Hoffman - Lahaye Residence - pool

Can you tell us about the approach you had for this project?

With all of my projects I first spend time on the site throughout different times of the day to determine what variables I need to consider when designing. Variables include but are not limited to noise, views, wind, sun patterns, privacy, etc.

What was the first question you asked to yourself when you got the assignment?

What am I going to do with this flat piece of land?

Marah Hoffman - Lahaye Residence - pool

How important was the contribution of your clients, if there was any?

It is always important to discuss what habits people have as well as the lifestyle they currently have. Once I get this information I refine it into my architecture and create a more sustainable and fluid lifestyle.

Your clients are from Europe, have you noticed any difference in their set of requests for the project, compared to local clients? If so, what?

My clients were very hands off. They hired me because they knew what I was capable of producing. They gave me carte blanche.

What makes you proud of this project and why?

The home is being used, it is not a trophy. I focus on form and function as I want the buildings that I design to be used to their fullest. Homes are not meant for pretty pictures. They are meant to create a sanctuary for the inhabitants.

The Modernist principles still inspire many young architects, why do you think is that?

It is pure. Form and function are amazing when married together.

Who have been, in your opinion, the most influential architects of the 20th century and why?

All the Architects working during the mid-century period. They understood building science, meaning engineering, and construction. They were involved in the entire project.

The product of architectural schools today are glorified graphic designers who are more interested in abstract architecture solely focused on form.

Marah Hoffman - Lahaye Residence - living room

Which part/s of a new project excite you the most?

The limitations of the site. I am always intrigued by complex sites as they lend themselves to beautiful architecture.

Which are, in your opinion, the emerging trends in residential architecture that will shape our way of living in, let’s say, the next ten years?

I believe in multi-generational living.

Whether it’s a single family home, home with granny flat, or an apartment compound created for multiple generations. Growing together gives people the ability to excel in life as they can limit their overall footprint.

Capitalizing on one another for support, whether it’s a young family needing childcare, or the elderlies needing physical assistance. Multi-generational living isn’t for everyone. The alternate is inter-generational, same concept, but not blood related.



Marah Hoffman - Lahaye Residence - dining roomMarah Hoffman - Lahaye Residence - poolMarah Hoffman - Lahaye Residence - exterioir

Photos by Paul Body