A Mid-Century Modern Love Story in Portland

Jennifer and Mattias are the owners of this house. They decided to settle their family in Portland after many years of traveling.
Matias is a Swedish designer and photographer that has an understandable passion for the European functional modernism.

Their original plan was to buy a piece of land where build their dream home but, looking for one, they instead found this Eichler inspired house(called Rummer) and decided to go for its difficult and long renovation abandoning the original plan.

The passion of this couple for good design and attention to details emerges from the details.

The vintage wallpaper decorating one of the living room walls, comes from a little shop in Finland that Matias found. Also,  The walls are painted with matched hues from Le Corbusier’s Polychromie Architecturale book.

Spending so much in the renovation, forced Jennifer and Mattias to be creative with the interiors. They covered Ikea cabinets with wood veneers and the bedroom closets with Flexform panels. In the bathroom, the mosaic tiles come from an outlet store in Norther California where the couple drove in an effort to save money.

The house took over two years to be ready. Many functional elements as plumbing, insolation, the foundation and electrical wiring had to be re-done from the ground up; spending a considerable amount of money but the result is clearly a success.
Original story found on Dwell.

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