Creating a Cozy Home Interior with Warm Colors and Natural Touches

Studio YSG set out to craft a comfortable space for a family of four, deeply inspired by both the clean, modern design trends and the art deco history of their home. The goal was to blend the old with the new in a seamless, budget-conscious way.

The ‘Deco House’ was an architectural gem with a listed art deco frontage as its sole original feature. Studio YSG was tasked to outfit a three-bedroom house, complete with various living spaces and an outdoor area, on a frugal budget of $100,000. 

The family wanted furnishings that carried a history and pieces that would gain meaning over time. This led the designers to partner with local, emerging furniture makers.

They drew upon the color palette from the art deco period, introducing rich sea-greens and vibrant yellows throughout the house. 

Uniformity came in the form of varied colored soft linen curtains in each room. A special runner rug adorned the lengthy entrance hall, matching the natural palette of the main living spaces.

A distinctive pendant light by Anna Charlesworth dangled in the space where the old structure met the new additions, symbolizing a union of time periods. 

On the ground level, expansive rugs delineated spaces within the open floor plan, and low-lying sofas reflected the lines of a concrete ledge, softening the living area’s ambiance.

In a welcoming gesture, a ribbed green leather armchair was positioned near the curved glass walls, completing the family’s gathering space. 

Above the dining table, the team opted for three distinct but harmoniously designed pendant lights, synchronized by their color and hanging heights. 

For the children’s rooms, furniture was chosen to echo the round window designs, and wall sculptures added depth, complementing the family’s personal art collection.

As per their clients request, Studio YSG’s approach for the Deco House was a thoughtful homage to the home’s past, paired with practical, contemporary living solutions. Their choices fostered a connection between the house’s historical significance and the family’s modern lifestyle, creating a space that was both meaningful and functional.

Photos Lisa Cohen