The Art of Space: An Interior Designed to Transport and Inspire

In the neighbourhood of Enge, embracing the Zurich Riviera’s playful elegance, the Locke am Platz project by interior design studio Sella stands as a brilliant example of creative design. 

The essence of this interior project is in its masterful use of color, material, and texture which breathes life into spaces with distinct personalities. For Sella Concept’s founder, Tatjana Von Stein, the true art of design lies in crafting spaces that transport their audience. 

Drawing from Zurich’s rich tapestry, Locke am Platz embodies the city’s architectural heritage and modernity. The city’s contrasting architectural styles, from the grandeur of ornate buildings to the starkness of modernist and brutalist designs, inspire its interiors. 

The theatrical-style beds in the apartments, adorned with richly patterned fabrics, echo the Riviera’s elegance. Meanwhile, elements like partition walls and decorative curtains reflect the city’s brutalist and modernist influences. Through these the designers aimed to reflect the city’s diverse moods and themes.

The design also guides visitors through a seamless transition from day to night. The central bar, framed by floor-to-ceiling windows, forms the heart of the space, linking it to the restaurant and lounge. This space is more than just a bar; it’s a masterpiece of timber, inviting connectivity and conversation. 

The lounge, with its velvet curtains and cozy seating, offers an intimate retreat, while a color palette of terracotta, green, and yellow, paired with steel and microcement finishes, creates an atmosphere that is both calm and energetic.

The intention behind the design was to blur the boundaries between different areas, encouraging guests to freely interpret and use the space. This approach creates a fluid environment where movement and warmth are integral to the experience. 

Photos Courtesy of Locke and Sella Concept