American And Italian Midcentury Styles Meet in The Juno Diner

Juno, an Italo-American Bistro in the West Walk development of Alwaab, a local neighborhood in mainland Doha, was the brainchild of Rawan Muqaddas and Selma Akkari. The designers were commissioned by a local restaurant group to conceive a design that seamlessly merged comfort, nostalgia, and delectable food. 

Inspired by timeless Italian eateries and iconic American diners, Juno’s interior exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere by blending materials and elements reminiscent of both culinary worlds.

Upon entering the restaurant, visitors are met with a grand facade that invites an abundance of natural light into the interior. 

Bi-fold windows were thoughtfully incorporated to establish a seamless connection between the interior and exterior during cooler months, creating a holistic and relaxed atmosphere.

Subtle curves navigate the flow of movement within the restaurant, complemented by subtly textured plastered walls.

The initial challenge was to imbue the space with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, despite the imposing double-height ceiling in the front half of the restaurant. The duo sought to deploy a grand architectural element to frame and celebrate the space’s diverse characteristics by defining volumes. 

The introduction of a classic glass block, discreetly nestled near the staircase, provides glimpses of the flow from food preparation to service in the back-of-house areas. Simultaneously integrated into the broader warm wood volume, the pizza bar and service area are situated beneath the mezzanine level.

The choice of warm wood cladding pays homage to traditional restaurant environments, infusing the space with a retro charm.

Rawan and Selma meticulously curated a refined combination of materials to create contrast and infuse the space with a playful character. The floor, composed of large terrazzo marble chips in a bold dark grey, is uncomplicated yet commanding in its presence. 

Banquettes discreetly embrace the colorful tables only at the ends, drawing attention to the sun-drenched facade. The tabletops, finished in a high gloss of yellow and peach, are adorned with bright chrome, reminiscent of the iconic aesthetics found in old-school diners.

This neo-diner approach extends to the selection of furniture and cutlery, with wooden chairs by Verges gracing the tables, accompanied by custom plates bearing the Juno logo.

Photos by Oculis Project