The Love For An Eichler House Goes A Long Way

Hanh and her husband Wade are the proud owners of an Eichler home. After checking their Instagram profile we had to ask more about their Eichler love affair…

First of all, could you tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to living in your Eichler house?

I grew up in Northern California. I am a pharmacist, my husband and I are the proud owners of an Eichler.

I knew a little about Eichler homes when we previously lived in the Bay Area for a few months. I loved the expansive glass and the abundant natural lighting.

We moved to California from Arizona in 2009, where we owned a contemporary modern condo with large glass walls. So, when we moved to California we already knew that we wanted something with natural light and privacy.

On a fluke, I googled “Eichler SoCal” and real estate agent Kelly Laule showed up in my search. After one of our first open houses, we knew that we wanted an Eichler home.

Hanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - frontHanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - living

What do you think was special about this period in American design?

I think the design is well-thought out but simple and can withstand the test of time. The focus on function over form has really created a design that can be lived in during any era.

What are the advantages of living in an Eichler house?

Apart from the abundance of natural light, I also enjoy the privacy that it offers and being able to sit in our atrium without worrying that strangers will see us.

Also, the open floor plan suits our lifestyle and we’ve learned to really appreciate the small design details which make Eichler homes so refined. We also have great neighbors who shared the love of our Eichler homes and are very friendly to each other, something that we do not see much nowadays.

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Hanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - kitchenHanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - atrium

Tell us a little bit about the mid-century art and home décor that you have collected?

We didn’t know much about mid-century modern design or decor when we first moved into our home.

As we began planning home renovations and exploring other mid-century homes, we began to really appreciate mid-century modern furniture and how they related to the architecture of our house. I am now a big collector of vintage George Nelson furnishings as well as other designers such as Charles Eames, Alexander Girard, and Milo Baughman.

It took me five years and multiple attempts to find the appropriate sofa that fits our living room layout and design aesthetic. The current sofa setup in our living is a modular sofa system made by George Nelson and is one that we found last year through two separate furniture dealers. We recently had it reupholstered into a period appropriate fabric.

The wall unit is a Comprehensive Storage System (CSS) by George Nelson. Similarly to the sofa system, all the pieces are interchangeable and this piece has really become a focal point in the house.

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Do you think it is important to have original home décor? If so, why?

While many furniture types can fit in an Eichler, I find that mid-century modern furnishings pair better with an Eichler because the simple and clean lines.

It is also reassuring to know that quality vintage mid-century modern furniture hold their value far better than contemporary furniture. I also enjoy the thrill of hunting for that one “got to have” piece.

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Hanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - atriumHanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - living
Hanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - livingHanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - livingHanh Bannister - Eichler Home renovation - back

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