Interior Design, Our Way

The last two years have demonstrated the essential role homes and interiors play in our lives. Through our Facebook Group for mid century home owners we have witnessed many renovation projects aiming to re-organize existing spaces – to create a comfortable work environment, to welcome family and friends, and so much more. 

Last year we started featuring furniture from brands we admire – those that follow timeless and consistent design principles. We have shared high quality and functional pieces without taking away from comfort and durability. 

Now we believe that the time has come to expand our attention to the world of interiors overall. And so, starting March 23, you can expect a new series of articles focused on what we believe are the best contemporary interior design choices.

As our hearts are devoted to the midcentury and modernist aesthetic, we will naturally focus on furniture pieces enhancing the inner architectural beauty of midcentury homes. It is our intention to inspire you with interior design that elevates your daily life and wellbeing. In doing so we hope to help create spaces you will never want to leave. 

Interior spaces need to express who you are as a person and simultaneously be aesthetic and functional. We hope that our new series of articles will help – and inspire – you to find the right pieces for your home, midcentury or not.

The first article is out on March 23. Stay tuned.