Lady chair - Marco Zanuso - Cassina

About The Product

Icon of Italian design in the 1950s and symbol of stylistic, material and technological innovation, the Lady armchair designed by Marco Zanuso and manufactured by Cassina made history with its breathtakingly modern construction.

Slender metal legs that contrast with the cushy upholstered parts are its style signature; the embodiment of innovation, it is assembled separately with different padding densities in each part.

Lady chair - Marco Zanuso - Cassina

About The Designer

Architect, designer and university lecturer, Marco Zanuso was one of the leading interpreters of the Italian Modern Movement.

Zanuso was one of the first designers in Italy to take an interest in the problems of product industrialisation, going beyond aesthetic issues to incorporate technological, industrial, distribution and communication variables.

According to Zanuso, the form of an object destined for serial reproduction is an amalgam of opportunities, experimentation and innovation in the concrete process that connects creativity, production and the social and cultural context.

Lady chair - Marco Zanuso - Cassina

About the Manufacturer

Cassina has been contributing to the future of interior design for the over 90 years. Founded in Meda – city in the northern Italian region of Lombardy – in 1927, the company took a revolutionary approach to furniture design and manufacture during the 50’s, shifting from pure hand craftsmanship to serial production.

From its early days the company heavily invested in research and innovation, enhancing traditional craftsmanship skills with technology. Cassina was also one of the first companies to actively encourage architects and designers to envision new designs which would become projects, a characteristic that still distinguishes the company today.

Lady chair - Marco Zanuso - Cassina

Why We Like It

The real question is not why we like the Lady chair, but how could we not. The sinuous and calming design of the Lady is midcentury perfection.

The timeless design, perfect ergonomics and upholstery distribution across its different areas, show how much care and attention to details Marco Zanuso put into the project as well as Cassina’s commitment in making it a truly timeless product. It’s not a coincidence if after 70 years this chair still looks and feels contemporary.