The World Capital of ‘Mid-Century’ Design

Yesterday I received my favorite design and architecture magazine: Case da Abitare.

There’s always an article about some design-oriented city around the world; in this issue is Helsinki.

The reason why I’m writing about it is that Finland and Helsinki were extremely important in the Mid-Century Modern design history, one of  its most famous designer was Alvar Aalto.

The Finns really care about design and architecture -many young people aspire to become architects or designers- and they have a long and valuable history in the art field.

Scandinavian and Finnish values in design are mainly related to natural materials, environment respect, organic forms, attention for the object function and quality. Ittala, for example,  is one of the most famous Finnish brand in the glassware market.

The Mid Century designer/architect Alvar Aalto is a national hero in Finland; his design principles and works ‘personify’ the Finns’ values.

There are many buildings in Helsinki designed by him like the Auditorium, the Polytechnic, the Finlandia Hall Conference Centre and the Aalto Foundation.

In Helsinki you can find good design everywhere: restaurants, cafes, bookshops and concept stores …were Helsinkians like to meet up in a stimulating atmposhere. How cool is it?! 🙂

Moreover, next year Helsinki will become the World Design Capital… the right pretext to visit it.

I want to go there since a long time and, after reading this article, I’ll definitely plan a trip next year! 😀

Have you ever been to Helsinki or are you planning to go?

If yes, let me know your favourite places but in the meanwhile keep following Mid Century Home for free trough the RSS by the Mail List or Twitter!

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