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4 Affordable Alternatives To Famous Mid Century Lights

We all love mid-century design but some of you probably think that mid-century furniture is overpriced.
If you can’t really afford to buy expensive design pieces but like to have good-looking furniture, which is going to stay in vogue for some time, we’re sure that you’ve been to IKEA at least once. The good thing about IKEA is that it deliberately takes its inspiration from the best mid-century modern – usually Scandinavian – design.

Mid Century Modern Icons: The Ej Corona Chair

The Ej Corona Chair has been designed by the Danish architect Poul Volther in 1961 and symbolizes the change that the Scandinavian mid century modern furniture industry was going to face in the 60s, even though it represented important ideological and manufacturing principles of the previous decade.

Post War Furnished Pre-War Duplex in NY: Michael Haverland

The lait motif of this New York apartment restored by the architect Michael Haverland is its pre-war origin. The owners wanted to keep the original details as the brass and mechanicals that were restored to their ancient beauty.
Same attention was given to the furnitures, all original post war/mid century modern pieces found on local shops.

Chris Barrett Design: Fisher Street Residence

Chris Barrett decorated this modern beach with casual sophistication. She drew influence from mid century modern to the surf culture of manhattan beach. As the best mid century modern houses, the open architecture seamlessly integrates the exterior elements with the vibrant color palette of the interior.

A Bright and Mid Century Modern Inspired Loft in Buenos Aires

The owner of this pad in Buenos Aires -the art director Juan Gatti- spent many years abroad for work, but when decided to come back he wanted a house that reflected his aesthetic, clearly influenced by mid century modern design.
This 1930s apartment is located in Plaza San Martin with big floor to ceiling windows that offer postcard views of classical beauties of the city as the Kavanagh Building, the church of the Holy Sacrament, the port, and the jacaranda trees in Plaza San Martin.

Ricardo’s Mid Century Modern Inspired Studio in LA

It is true that living in a city like Los Angeles -where mid century modern design and modernist architecture basically were born- helps to make your house the perfect place to live; this is what I thought when I first saw this studio.
The owner, Ricardo, is of course an huge fan of mid century modern design and architecture.

A Collector’s Apartment In New York

The owner of this apartment on the Upper West Side in New York is a mid century modern art and furniture collector. The interior designers are Jayne and Joan Michaels, two sisters in love with colors.

The Michaels sisters find inspiration for their interiors choices in paintings, yes…if they think of a painting that could work well in the space they are decorating, they keep it in mind to reproduce the colors in the room/s using furniture and art; a very interesting approach.

A Piece of Mid Century Modern Design Born In Spain

Reading one of my magazine today I spotted an amazing lamp that looked like had an interesting story. I decided to make some research about it and it turned out to be -unexpectedly- a piece of mid century modern Spanish design!
The lamp is called TMM and is a floor lamp designed by Miguel Mila’ in 1962.

An Art Installation You Can not Miss at the VDL Research House

A couple of days ago I received an email with the invitation to attend the opening of a really cool installation of the worldwide famous artist Xavier Veilhan at the Richard Neutra VDL Research House in L.A.
As you might know, I do not live in California and so I can not attend this event, but I wanted to make a post about it anyway as I think it deserves your visit if you live close to L.A.

How Mid Century Modern Can be a Modern House?

There are too many elements that remember me of a mid century modern house in this Luke Zuber’s work.
The floor to ceiling glass windows, the patio as heart of the house, the wooden floors and paneled walls, the transparencies and almost no interruptions between different living areas…I could go on for hours…

The Beverly Hills Hotel Photographed by Julius Shulman.

I recently spotted some amazing pics -once again by Julius Shulman- of the Beverly Hills Hotel and, considering that this year is its 100th birthday…
From the Hotel website:
“The hotel was built in 1912, before there was even a city called Beverly Hills. Hoping to ignite a land rush, developer Burton Green, President of the Rodeo Land and Water Company, bought land once owned by the Mexican government in the foothills of the

The Eames LCW Plywood Chair

In 1941, the New York Museum of Modern Art opened a design competition named: ‘Organic Design in Home Furnishings’. The competition’s main goal was to find new ideas which were aimed at improving the mid-century interiors. Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen together achieved two 1st positions within the furniture category.