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Vote The Best Lego Mid Century Modern House!

Basically, Dwell and the Pacific Standard Time asked to Dwell’s readers to ‘Construct a model of an original mid century modern home inspired by iconic California mid-century modern architecture.’ They had more than 100 entries and now its up to us to vote the best ones.

Four Amazing Pins About Mies van Der Rohe.

How could I love mid-century modern without loving an architect as Mies van Der Rohe? His architecture and design influenced the whole twentieth century, the Neutra Kaufmann House is just an example.
today I want to share some nice pics I spotted on Pinterest about him, follow the buttons below the pics to see more.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Organic Architecture for the 21st Century.

This week I want to suggest you an exhibition that probably deserves a trip to the city where is held: Phoenix.
“In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home, studio and architectural campus in Scottsdale, Arizona, Phoenix Art Museum presentsFrank Lloyd Wright: Organic Architecture for the 21st Century.

The First Alvar Aalto House and Studio

Looking for better job opportunities, Alvar Aalto and his family moved from the small town of Turku to Helsinki in 1933. Besides job opportunities, Aalto also was also looking for the perfect location where he could build his future home. After living in two different apartments in Helsinki, the Aaltos bought a piece of land just outside the city.

The Alvar Aalto Villa Skeppet (Villa Schildt).

The increasing industrialization of north European countries such as Finland during the sixties caused the decline of the small scale agriculture and a depopulation of rural areas while urban communities grew exponentially.
Finland’s improving welfare structure and a better standard of living pushed the request for new houses and in turn created a boom in the construction industry.

Richard Neutra

Richard Neutra was born in Vienna in 1892 and attended the Technische Hochschule (Vienna University of Technology) from 1911 to 1917.His career crossed five decades and he can certainly be defined as one of the most important architects of the mid-century as of the whole twentieth century.


How The Mid Century Aesthetic Influenced Steve Jobs.

Sounds like a weird title, isn’t it? But it’s true…the mid century architecture somehow influenced Steve Jobs and his choices in business.
I don’t have to tell you who Steve Jobs was, what I probably have to tell you is that he influenced and inspired many of my personal decisions in the last ten years at least and that I was really touched when he died.

The Richard Neutra Kronish House Is Safe!

I couldn’t start my day and weekend in a better way.
As you probably remember, some time ago I wrote a post about the possible demolition of the iconic Richard Neutra Kronish House in Beverly Hills; check the post for the Richard Neutra masterpiece history.
The Richard Neutra Kronish House Demolition Plan.

Mid Century Houses And The Importance of Lighting – Part 2

Many of the most famous mid century lamps were, at first designed and manufactured in Sweden, Denmark or Finland where they were have been manufactured and sold over the years.
Artificial light was fundamental in the Scandinavian interiors due to the long Nordic winters. It became so important throughout the mid century modern period that it became the main concern of the architects when they had to design a room.

Mid Century Houses And The Importance of Lighting – Part 1

Mid century designer Arne Jacobsen once said: ‘light gives all things their presence’. I absolutely agree with him as the right lighting can have dramatic effects on the interiors.
The floor open plan aids the light to pass through the home. It was one of the main factors that mid century architects considered when building 1950s homes.

The Finn Juhl House Tour

I already wrote How FInn Juhl Influenced the Mid Century Modern Design, but yesterday I found out that exists a very well preserved Finn Juhl’s house in Denmark; the one where he lived until his death.
The house is located close to the Ordrupgaard (I’ve no clue of how to pronunce it 😉 ) museum park in Denmark.

The Greatest Inspiration For Your Mid Century Modern House, the Aalto’s House-Office

Who Alvar Aalto was?

As many of you already know, Alvar Aalto has been one of the most important Finnish architect and designer of the XX century.
Aalto has been considered the father of the Modernism in Nord Europe.
As Finnish, he was tightly linked with the local tradition and history, as we can see in all his works, using natural materials, warm colours, and undulating lines.