The Finn Juhl House Tour

I already wrote How FInn Juhl Influenced the Mid Century Modern Design, but yesterday I found out that exists a very well preserved Finn Juhl’s house in Denmark; the one where he lived until his death.

The house is located close to the Ordrupgaard (I’ve no clue of how to pronunce it 😉 ) museum park in Denmark.

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Finn Juhl’s House

The house has been built by a young Finn Juhl between 1916 and 1918, today is part of the Ordrupgaard museum park and Finn Juhl’s House Museum.

Even if it was built at the beginning of the 20th Century, the house is considered an anticipation of the open-plan mid century houses: open spaces, the possibility to look through the rooms and  big windows with view of the garden.

Furniture a part, that are great, something really peculiar of this house are the dark yellow painted ceilings, that reflect the surrounding light, and the Juhl’s thought behind the design: from inside to outside.

In fact he gave priority to the inside, considering the facades secondary; that’s why they are plastered in a simple white-grey tone, in contrast to the dark surroundings.

I love the interior, it looks alive, warm and cozy…it actually is exactly as it was when Juhl passed away in 1989.

My favourite room is the large living, full of light and different corners to work, relax and spend time with visitors.

The furniture are all great mid century Juhl’s works that I already described in my previous post about him.

To learn more about Finn Juhl, check out also his biography in the People in Design section.

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