Before/After: 1951 Home’s Redesign Honours Architect’s Vision


Nestled in the historic A.D. Stenger Addition neighborhood of Barton Hills lies a remarkable transformation story of a 1951 Stenger residence by Candace Wong Architecture + Design (CWA+D).

Purchased by local Austinites, who are also A.D. Stenger enthusiasts, this property was more than just a house; it was a passion project. Stenger was probably one of the most known and appreciated architects from Austin, renowned for the quality of his residential work.

Overgrown, dilapidated, and chaotic, the home required a vision to see its potential. The remodel, focusing on both preservation and innovation, has resulted in a seamless blend of history and modernity.

The primary aim of the remodel was to maintain the integrity of the original structure. This meant preserving the essence of the 1951 build while removing layers added by previous renovations. The project was not just about restoring; it was about reimagining. 

The design team sought to simplify and modernize the materials palette, creating a harmony between the home’s historic roots and contemporary living needs. This balance is evident in the approach to the home’s extension. 

The addition was crafted thoughtfully to ensure that the new spaces were modern in function yet respectful to the original form and the scale of the street.


A significant aspect of the remodel was the connection between the interior and the exterior. This was not just a physical connection but a philosophical one, reflecting the mid-century modern ethos of blending indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Large windows and thoughtful landscaping were key elements in achieving this seamless transition, creating an environment where nature and architecture coexist in harmony.

Preservation played a crucial role in this transformation. Key Stenger details were meticulously preserved, serving as anchors to the home’s history. These historic elements were then paired with modern details, creating a dialogue between the past and the present. 

Custom additions, like a starburst front door and a glass ceiling steam shower, were introduced, infusing the homeowner’s personality into the design. These features are not just aesthetic choices; they are statements of individuality, blending the architectural narrative with personal stories.

The end result of this remodel is a delightful medley of influences. It represents Stenger’s vision, the homeowner’s personality, and the creative prowess of the CWA+D team. 

Photos by Leonid Furmansky & Jeff Jones

Further credits:

Architect: Candace Wong Architecture + Design
Interior Design (furniture & styling): Dréa Peters Interiors
Landscape Architect: Nicole Warns
Structural Engineer: LOC Engineers
Design+Build/Designer of Record: Pennybacker Homes
General Contractor: Austin Home Renovations