The Richard Neutra Kronish House Is Safe!

I couldn’t start my day and weekend in a better way.

As you probably remember, some time ago I wrote a post about the possible demolition of the iconic Richard Neutra Kronish House in Beverly Hills; check the post for the Richard Neutra masterpiece history.

The Richard Neutra Kronish House Demolition Plan.

The house has been bought this year and put on the market for $14 millions. Over the summer the new owners started the procedure to tear it down.

Dion Neutra -Richard Neutra’s son- started a campaign to raise the necessary amount to buy the house and restore it as Richard Neutra’s Library, while actively working with the Los Angeles Conservancy to find alternative solutions at the demolition.

The Happy Ending.

The great news is that last friday the Conservancy received word that: “fortunately, final talks were under way with a buyer who had come forward with an interest in restoring the highly intact home. The name of the buyer and the final sale price have not been disclosed.”!!

I’m really excited about it.

There are not many details at the moment about the future of the only Richard Neutra intact house in Beverly Hills, but it’s relieving to know that it will not be demolished.

Just a couple of days ago I was reading on  about the failure of the fund raising and -as consequence- of the oncoming Kronish House demolition; I felt really sad. But now it is gone and all the mid-century modern enthusiasts and Richard Neutra’s fans should celebrate!

Thanks to all of you that supported this case and spread the great news all over the web!